Monday, August 13, 2007

speed indicator

spedo meter
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modtrade enter exit
modtrade enter exi...
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Here's an indicator I made that shows the entry and exit points of a trend. It's pretty simple to read: when the indicator starts showing yellow bars, you enter or wait for other signals and then enter, when the yellow bars stop, you exit. The indicator does NOT show what direction to enter. With default settings, it works best on M30 timeframe. The pound does not perform well with this, at least on default settings.

The variables to set are:

* sensitivity: filters out data; the more it approaches 1, the more data it filters
* resolution: the smoothness of the cut-off level average; the indicator is useless if resolution is more than 250
* minutes: the timeframe of the indicator; note that I didn't design it to spread the value, like a typical MTF indicator would, so what you're seeing is the value as it would appear were you to switch MT4 to that timeframe


Tuesday, August 7, 2007


ema fibo m30
ema fibo m30.rar
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EJ-4HourTradingMethod-INDICATOR & EBOOKS

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