Saturday, January 26, 2008

MSN Style Pop Alert!

Any trader knows the importance of the Alerts in any MQL4 program.
For instance: The 10 days moving average has been crossed the 80 days moving average upward! You have to buy now! You have to be alert!

What about the MSN Style Popup alert? Yes!
My new alert method is a MSN Style pop alert.

How to install the package:

The package contains 4 files and you have to put each of them in the proper folder:

Pop.exe and Popup.dll

You have to copy them to C: drive.


Copy this file to /experts/include folder.


This is a script to demonstrate how to use the program. Copy it to /experts/script folder.

Note: If you want to copy Pop.exe and Popup.dll to another folder and not the C: root you have to change the directory in the code of calling the Pop function.

How to use the program:

The script Pop_Demo.mq4 is an example of using the program.

To call the alert you use this line:

pop ( string msg , string installed_dir)

For example: if you installed Pop.exe and Popup.dll to C: drive and want to pop the text “Hi world!” you can use this line of code in your mql4 program:

pop (“Hi world!”, "c:");

This is the package, however, you have to be a user in to get the all the new tools and their updates.

Submitted by codersguru on Tue, 2006-03-14 18:25.


Friday, January 25, 2008




Take profit 10 pips
stop loss 25 pips


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Universal MA Cross - EA

Common Setting :
StopLoss (default 100)
Set your Stop Loss. Use 0 (zero) if you don't like to use Stop Loss ( not recommended ).

TakeProfit (default 200)
Set your Take Profit. Use 0 (zero) if you like to use open target.

Moving Average Setting :
FastMAPeriod (default 10)
Fast Moving Average Period.

FastMAType (default EMA / 1)
Fast Moving Average Type 0:SMA 1:EMA 2:SMMA 3:LWMA

FastMAPrice (default Close / 0)
Fast Moving Average Applied Price 0:Close 1:Open 2:High 3:Low 4:Median 5:Typical 6:Weighted

ver.7.2 FastMAshift (default 0)
Fast Moving Average Shift

SlowMAPeriod (default 80)
Slow Moving Average Period.

SlowMAType (default EMA / 1)
Slow Moving Average Type 0:SMA 1:EMA 2:SMMA 3:LWMA

SlowMAPrice (default Close / 0)
Slow Moving Average Applied Price 0:Close 1:Open 2:High 3:Low 4:Median 5:Typical 6:Weighted

ver.7.2 FastMAshift (default 0)
Slow Moving Average Shift

Minimum Cross Distance :
ver.2 MinCrossDistance (default 0)
Set the pip distance between FastMA and SlowMA to be consider as a valid cross. Use 0 (zero) to disable this filter.

ver.7 MaxLookUp (default 1)
Set number of bar after the cross to keep checking on the entry condition in regards with the minimum distance between FastMA and SlowMA. Need MinCrosDistance > 0 to enable this feature. Use 0 (zero) to disable this feature.

Exit Setting :
StopAndReverse (default true)
If set to TRUE, will exit any trade and reverse position when signal change.

PureSAR (default false)
If set to TRUE, will use no Stop Loss - Take Profit - and Trailing Stop. This is always in play setting.

ver.7.2 ExitOnCross (default false)
If set to TRUE, will exit any trade if there is an opposite cross without consider any additional filter. So exit purely base on moving average cross.

Third MA Setting :
ver.5 UseThirdMA (default false)
If set to TRUE (and UseCounterTrend = FALSE), will only trade according to ThirdMA direction, above for BUY and below for SELL.

ver.5 UseCounterTrend (default false)
If set to TRUE will keep trade even if counter ThirdMA direction, but with different StopLoss and TakeProfit. Need UseThirdMA = TRUE to enable this feature.

ver.7 OnlyCounterTrend (default false)
If set to TRUE will set the EA only to trade counter trend trade, mean BUY if cross below ThirdMA and SELL if cross above ThirdMA. Need UseCounterTrend = TRUE to enable this feature.

ver.5 ThirdMAPeriod (defaul 100)
Third Moving Average Period.

ver.5 ThirdMAType (default EMA / 1)
Third Moving Average Type 0:SMA 1:EMA 2:SMMA 3:LWMA

ver.5 ThirdMAPrice (default Close / 0)
Third Moving Average Applied Price 0:Close 1:Open 2:High 3:Low 4:Median 5:Typical 6:Weighted

ver.7.2 ThridMAshift (default 0)
Third Moving Average Shift

ver.5 CTStopLoss (default 0)
Set your Stop Loss for CounterTrend trade. Use 0 (zero) if you don't like to use Stop Loss ( not recommended ).

ver.5 CTTakeProfit (default 0)
Set your Take Profit for CounterTrend trade. Use 0 (zero) if you like to use open target.

Lot and Money Management Setting :
Lots (default 1)
Number of lot per trade.

MM (default false)
If set to TRUE, will use build in money management.

AccountIsMicro (default false)
If using Micro Account set this to TRUE.

Risk (default 10)
Use with MM = TRUE to set the risk per trade.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

ERGODIC system complited with e-books

Thumbs up Great System Documented

I am going to show you a great methodology relatively easy to implement that we can collectively put together. The method is based on the Ergotic Candle Oscillator (ECO) as fully shown in the attached PDF #11. It was devised by Robert Krausz who based his trading ideas on WD Gann. It uses as an initial Stop Loss the HiLo activator shown in PDF #2. I have also attached the MT4 Ergotic Indicator that I have found in the Yahoo MT4 forum. This ECO needs a signal line added to it and it needs to be plotted as a Histogram as depicted in PDF#11. I have also attached detailed infor on the ECO in PDF#7.
I have hand backtested this in the Fibonacci Trader 4.0 and I get on EUR and GBP H1 a winrate of 65% and a PF of 2.60 reward to risk, which I consider a very good performace.



TRO MULTI PAIRS takes the work of codersguru and mladen to the next level.

The user can chose the pairs and time frames like mladen's TickWatcher AND they can specify which indicators to use like codersguru's Easy iCustom PLUS the user can specify colors and levels like most of the TRO indicators.

You can use any indicator that resides on your disk but you have to spell the name correctly and pass all of the parameters.

If you use the default settings, TRO SAK MULTIPAIRS is a pip scalping machine.

When the dots on M1 and M5 rows turn green, green, aqua; go long.

When the dots on M1 and M5 rows turn red, red, magenta; go short.

The $CDL column is the candle color.

The $MID column tell you if the price is above(green) or below(red) the previous candle's midpoint.

The $BIAS column tells you if you should be long(aqua) or short(magenta). Once you enter the trade, you can stay in the trade until the bias changes.

The Up, Eq, Dn count on the bottom simple totals up the number of dots that indicate up, equal or down. You can you this to determine the trend.

TRO SAK MULTIPAIRS is a true Swiss Army Knife type of indicator. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Use your imagination!



Join the Dots.
Hi Folks

Please understand that this system makes money as a manual trading system and I have no wish to pay a coder to code one of my systems and then still make money from it.
If that offends anyone, so be it, but at least it has been said right up front.

This originated after following the Bouncing Pip Thread, found here, and not liking the fact that ZigZag called the shots. So I reversed the logic and placed the trend determination first and only then trade the "Bouncing Pip".

I am not going to discuss the management or exit of the trades, anyone who does code will have a good idea as to what type of exit strategy suits this entry strategy once they understand it and manual coders will choose to exit based on what they see when they see it, much the same way that I do. I exit based mostly on Gut and Vision, this cannot be written into an EA but I am happy discuss options that may or may not be good idea's?

The basics are this;
H4 chart, any pair, although I mostly trade only the EUR pairs manually.

Long Trades
When Mega Trend and Trend Histo are both blue, trade any Red dot that appears as soon as the dot appears, do not wait for the end of the candle.
Short Trades[/b]
When Mega Trend and Trend Histo are both Red, trade any Blue dot that appears as soon as the dot appears, do not wait for the end of the candle.
SL is usually 21 or 34, but I vary this depending on my perception of trend strength.

Float is on the chart purely as a visual confirmation, it has a fairly decent ability to pick final Highs and Lows, which helps when I want to load a trade with a few more lots than normal.

This is the basis of the system, please don't fire questions at me about trade management and closing of trades, I do not have the answers, I close on what I see, all I can tell you is that I almost never close the entire trade, but if Trend Histo changes to Yellow, I usually close out half the position and allow the balance to trail with a fixed TS.
The value of the TS is normally anything from 34 to 144 and based purely my perception of the strength of the trend.



Friday, January 11, 2008

Theres some ebooks upload at:


and more ...
for more details please visit:







Saturday, January 5, 2008


A kind of a scaner to monitor trends for multiple pairs and time frames

Columns :

1 & 2 : ADX
3 : Parabolic SAR
4 : Awesome oscillator

Version 2.0
Legend display
Mini accounts adjustment




AMARNATH - trading systems

Hi all,

I hope those simple and lucid explanation with screen shot is suffice
to keep things simple but some times many questions always appears in
traders mind which is inevitable as i dont have too much time i
welcome email and will try to answer during weekend's about system
part or any issue related to trading.

i have upload required indicators and a template to 4shared virtual
folder just load it add template and enjoy riding pips and i wish
if some programmer have time and effort to create ea are most welcomed
and last but not least i recomm atleast till you feel comfortable
dont add loads of other indicators till this system fail :D which
is likely case in most of public system


Disclaimer: Use at own risk and i am not liable for whatsoever


Highest high for an indicator
I am trying to find out how to calculate the highest high and lowest low values for an indicator over a period in MQL4.

For example:

Using amibroker (similar sor metastock) the formula would be as below to calculate the highest high of the 30 day moving average over the last 10 periods.

Highest high = HHV(MA(Close,30),10 )
I have tried using ArrayMaximum() but this returns the position and not the value of the highest value.
Also Highest() does not work with indicators.