Wednesday, February 25, 2009

forex educational dvd''s uk - WHY YOU SHOULD GIVE THE FOREX A SECOND LOOK

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-Large returns
-Currencies trend well.
-There are no commissions uk.
-US$6 trillion a day and growing
- Free forex Educational info in teh Net and dvd"s
-The forex is a very efficient market.
-High leverage: Each pip is worth US$10
-There is lots of movement in this market.
-You can trade 24X5 from home or anywhere.
-Little capital is required – as little as US$500.
-You can easily start out by taking 20 pips a day.
- forex educational dvd''s uk
-You can trade whether you have a day job or not.
-You can hedge at FX Solutions. Not all market makers allow this.
-All you need is an Internet connection; charting/dealing forex software is free.
-This is real-time trading; 2.5 to four second response time; rare re-quotes.
-Low lot size: 100 to one ratio; US$100 controls US$10,000 (1,000 = 100,000) read it in
forex educational dvd''s uk
- you can search in google and find more forex educational dvd''s uk

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

PK.Trader is a small facility forex trading software

PK.Trader is a small facility forex trading software to help you train yourself to trade forex, find valid forex trading strategy, and make your demo or live tading activities more effective, more convenient, and more comfortable.

It using for forex Metatrader 4 as the background trading platform. Metatrader 4 is copyrighted product of MetaQuotes. The use of the forex terminal part of Metatrader 4 is free, and is widely used as technical analysis software in forex and many other trading communities.

PK.Trader consists of two parts: PKTrader.exe, and PKTrader.ex4.
For demo or forex live trading, you should copy and paste PKTrader.ex4 files to your Metatrader 4\experts directory, and copy and past PKTrader.exe to your Metatrader 4\experts\files directory.

Then RUN your Metatrader 4. (if your Metatrader 4 is alredy open, you should close it and then restart.) From Metatrader 4 menu ViewàNavigatoràExpert Advisors, find and attach PKTrader to the chart, of which the symbol you want to trade. You can attach PKTrader to different symbol charts as many as you like, since you might want trade more than one symbol. Each attached PK.Trader version will only take care of the trades of that symbol of that chart with magicnumber placed by PK.Trader.

Then double click the file PK.Trader.exe in the Metatrader 4\experts\files directory to start the exe file. Now you can do demo or live forex trading from the PK.Trader GUI interface. PK.Trader will help you place stoploss, takeprofit, move stoploss to breakeven, and automatically trail your stoploss according to your instructions set from PKTrader. You can also conveniently place pending orders from PKTrader GUI, and effectively manage your open positions from PKTrader GUI.

You can also use PK.Trader as a tool to practice your trading skills and find your winning forex strategy. To do so, copy and paste PKTrader into your Metatrader 4\tester\files directory. Double click the file PKTrader.exe in the Metatrader 4\ tester \files directory to start the exe file. Then from Metatrader 4 menu ViewàStrategy Tester. In the forex Strategy Tester interface, select PKTrader as the forex strategy you want test, then select visual mode. You can attach different forex indicators from MT4 to the testing chart to help you train your trading habits.

-Click Buy or Sell buttons will place markt long(buy) and short(short) orders for the specified symbol,with the specified lot size,stoploss,takeprofit, and slippage.
-Click cabr button will close all buys for the given symbol and place forex market sell orders for the symbol with equal sizes as of the closed sells, for the specified stoploss,takeprofit,slippage.
-Click casr button will close all forex sells for the given symbol and place market buy orders for the symbol with equal sizes as of the closed forex buys, for the specified stoploss, takeprofit, slippage.
-Click erase will erase the order if it is not sent to the MT server by the MT Client if your network is not in good shape.

Risk Disclose: the author of PK.Trader assumes no liability in any form for your forex trading results.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Forex Funnel - Martingale EA

Requirement :

- Minimum equity of 2500$ per 0.01 lot traded so if you wish to trade 0.1 lot then you should have 25000$

- Leverage : 1:200 or higher

Instruction :

- Copy the .ex4 to your Metabroker\Experts folder and the .dll file to your libraries folder

Then open your USD/JPY chart , 1H and active the EA , in the setting tick the box say Allow live trading and the "Allow import of external experts" box.

Setting :

- You can change the lot size to 0.01 per $2500 equity.

- The use time function is used if there is a big news announcement i.e non-farm payroll comes out on the first Friday of everymonth.
This will stop the EA from making trades on that certain day so if you want to set it not to trade on that Friday, you would have "usetime" set to true then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday set to false and Friday set to true.
Then once Friday has passed simply turn "usetime" to false again.

Everything else would run on autopilot, please be informed that if trading 0.01 lots make sure your broker support this otherwise the system will not trade.

Good luck !!!

Disclaimer : This is full test version only. Use it at your legal-own-risk. For legal authentication please visit original website !

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