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The Technical Parameters of the Forex Market

The technical indicators of the Forex market don’t take information from the air; they are all based on some of the market’s parameters and the appropriate calculation methods. Each indicator is calculated according to its own rules and there is no need to describe them all. In this article I’ll try to describe only the actual Forex market parameters that can fully describe the technical side of the Forex trading.
  1. Trend — a direction of the price movement. Forex market can be in some kind of trend or go sideways. The trend itself can be measured by its direction, starting/ending point, ranges and the inner volatility.
  2. Volatility — a statistical measure of the number of the price changes over a certain period of time.
  3. Momentum — a measure of price movement strength in a term of pips per tick.
  4. Cyclicality — it’s hard to be measured, but it still exists on the financial markets (and on Forex too) and describes the cyclical nature of some price movement.
  5. Volume — the number of the transactions (price changes for Forex) in a given amount of time.
  6. Support and resistance levels — they can be hard to spot, but Forex market generally bounces off of them or breaks them with a significant price action.
  7. Traders’ expectations — they can’t be seen from charts, but they are the part of the technical picture of the market. Stop and limit orders are the important parameters of the market that should be taken seriously.
Some technical indicators use only one or two of these parameters; very few of the standard MetaTrader 4 indicators use more than two technical parameters. And I don’t know any indicators that are based on cyclicality or trader’s positions.

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How to manage your risk?

Risk Management

Once you have the facts it is decision time. You can choose to do nothing or seek to reduce the exposures or to hedge them in whole or in part. The unforgivable sins are to fail to consider the risks or fail to act on any decisions.
The risk culture of your business is critical and must be established at the most senior level. Above all it calls for honesty. Too often individuals are criticized for decisions that, at the time, were in tune with the organization’s perceived appetite for risk. But it is never easy to set down effective guidelines and the range of exposures for even a simple transaction can be extensive.

For example, an exporter needing to borrow to finance a sale in foreign currency may have to consider counterparty credit risk, funding risk and interest rate risk. The permutations are endless and the costs of hedging transactions to reduce or eliminate every possible exposure could potentially swallow any profit from a deal.

While losses are likely to be quantitative, the potentially infinite number of risk combinations means that the skills needed to make good decisions are usually qualitative. Even a computer programmed to consider every conceivable permutation of risks needs to be told what level of exposure is acceptable. Any program is only as good as the parameters and data fed into it by people who have themselves been conditioned by experience.

But what of the improbable, the wholly unexpected or the never-seen-before?
Effective risk management requires thinking the unthinkable. This does not in any way lessen the great value of the many sophisticated risk-management systems available. The problems come if people start to think of them, and the models they are based on, as infallible.

It is also common for the development of control systems to come after any new risk-related products. Be careful not to bet the business until the exposure is known. To be in business you must make decisions involving risk. However sophisticated the tools at your disposal you can never hope to provide for every contingency. But unpleasant surprises should be kept to a minimum.

Ask yourself…

1- Can the risks to your business be identified, what forms do they take and are they clearly understood - particularly if you have a portfolio of activities?
2 - Do you grade the risks faced by your business in a structured way?
3 - Do you know the maximum potential liability of each exposure?
4 - Are decisions made on the basis of reliable and timely information?
5 - Are the risks large in relation to the turnover of your business and what impact could they have on your profits and balance sheet?
6 - Over what time periods do the risks exist?
7 - Are the exposures one-off or are they recurring?
8 - Do you know enough about the ways in which you exposures can be reduced or hedged and what it would cost including the potential loss of any upside profit?
9 - Have trading and risk-management functions or decisions been adequately separated?

Where to place stops

We stop out of a trade when we no longer want to hold onto that particular position. The question that arises is: WHY do we want to get out of that trade?

There can be 2 reasons for stopping out of a trade. EITHER the market tells us that our intrinsic View or Directional Assessments itself was wrong. OR we stop out of a trade (even if we still believe in our basic Bullish or Bearish reading) because we think we can establish another position at a better level than the previous one.

The effort should be to choose a meaningful SL which is neither too close to the entry to get activated soon after entry (only to have the market go back in the original direction thereafter), nor so far away from the entry that we have no time or space left for follow up action.
The difficult part about the paragraph above is that it requires us to have a Trading Plan or Strategy and to choose our Entry much more carefully than we tend to do, in accordance with that plan.

Follow through action required we come back to the reasons for wanting to stop out. In the first case, when our directional reading has been proved wrong, we should look to enter into a trade in the opposite direction - a case of Stop-and-Reverse (SAR). It needs to be pointed out here that it is NOT necessary to SAR at the same instance and level all the time. If you are an intra-week (or longer) trader, you can enter into a reverse trade after stopping out of the original trade, allowing yourself time to reformulate your strategy.

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forex software trading to day trading

The forex software trading to day trading

If you want to earn with forex software trading high repeat in forex software trading you must to decide the tf you wish to tradhere we will compare forex day trading w/ forex trend following and with forex software trading ...

Forex trend following and forex software trading.

Before forex software trading compare the 2 lets get rid of the myth day traders make money without software. You have seen all those fantastic track records. You must checking forex software trading.

So forex software trading other self meet up with other self - the drift records are assured of success up with forex software trading and that\'s baffling problem you see a titillative track record. Of course if you have forex software trading read the above doing a forex software trading track record looking backwards is easy, doing alter terrifically time is hard.

forex software trading data simply is not. Why?

All volatility within a day or a few hrs is random. You can't trade forex software trading no matter how good your forex software trading is. Support and resistance in periods is notvalid, day price moves can go anywhere for forex software trading.

Once you move to trend following the propositional forex software trading function is all bets off long enough periods over against multilateral forex software trading the odds and that\'s exactly what you need with forex software trading, in transit to feel a question of extensiveness trading success.

trading system you can enjoy trading success with high forex software trading

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SniperFox Scalping EA & Price Action Bar Indicator

Use scalper system only on EURCHF, EURGBP, GBPCHF, USDCAD timeframe M1, M5 or M15

After download , put the Scalper EA.ex4 in your Metatrader\Experts\ folder

the Price Action bar V2.ex4 in Metatrader\Experts\indicators\ folder

and the EA.dll to Metatrader\experts\libraries\ folder

Then click , drag and drop both the indicator and the EA in your favourite pair chart

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Mechanics of Trading Through Brokers:Voice Brokers and Electronic Brokering Systems

The traditional role of a broker is to act as a gobetween in foreign exchange deals, both within countries and across borders.Until the 1990s, all brokering in the OTC foreign exchange market was handled by what are now called live or voice brokers. Communications with voice brokers are almost entirely via dedicated telephone lines between brokers and client banks. The broker’s activity in a particular currency is usually broadcast over open speakers in the client banks, so that everyone can hear the rates being quoted and the prices being agreed to, although not specific amounts or the names of the parties involved. A live broker will maintain close contact with many banks, and keep well informed about the prices individual institutions will quote, as well asthe depth of the market, the latest rates where business was done, and other matters. When a customer calls, the broker will give the best price available (highest bid if the customer wants to sell and lowest offer if he wants to buy) among the quotes on both sides that he or she has been given by a broad selection of other client banks. In direct dealing, when a trader calls a market maker, the market maker quotes a twoway price and the trader accepts the bid or accepts the offer or passes. In the voice brokers market, the dealers have additional alternatives.
Thus,with a broker, a market maker can make a quote for only one side of the market rather than for both sides.Also, a trader who is asking to see a quote may have the choice, not only to hit the bid or to take (or lift) the offer, but also to join either the bid or the offer in the brokers market, or to improve either the bid or the offer then being quoted in the brokers market. At the time a trade is made through a broker, the trader does not know the name of the counterparty. Subsequently, credit limits are checked, and it may turn out that one dealer bank
must refuse a counterparty name because of credit limitations. In that event, the broker will seek to arrange a name-switch—i.e., look for a mutually acceptable bank to act as intermediary between the two original counterparties. The broker should not act as principal.
Beginning in 1992, electronic brokerage systems (or automated order-matching systems) have been introduced into the OTC spot market and have gained a large share of some parts of that market.

In these systems, trading is carried out through a network of linked computer terminals among the participating users.To use the system,a trader will key an order into his terminal, indicating the amount of a currency,the price,and an instruction to buy or sell. If the order can be filled from other orders outstanding, and it is the best price available in the system from counterparties acceptable to that trader’s institution, the deal will be made. A large order may be matched with several small orders.

If a new order cannot be matched with outstanding orders, the new order will be entered into the system, and participants in the system from other banks will have access to it. Another player may accept the order by pressing a “buy”or “sell” button and a transmit button. There are
other buttons to press for withdrawing orders and other actions.

Electronic brokering systems now handle a substantial share of trading activity. These systems are especially widely used for small transactions (less than $10 million) in the spot market for the most widely traded currency pairs—but they are used increasingly for
larger transactions and in markets other than spot. The introduction of these systems has resulted in greater price transparency and increased efficiency for an important segment of the market. Quotes on these smaller transactions are fed continuously through the
electronic brokering systems and are available to all participating institutions, large and small, which tends to keep broadcast spreads of major market makers very tight. At the same time electronic brokering can reduce incentives for dealers to provide two-way liquidity for other market participants. With traders using quotes from electronic brokers as the basis for prices to customers and other dealers, there may be less propensity to act as market maker. Large market makers report that they have reduced levels of first-line liquidity. If they need to execute a trade in a single sizeable amount, there may be fewer reciprocal counterparties to call on. Thus, market liquidity may be affected in various ways by electronic broking. Proponents of electronic broking also claim there are benefits from the certainty and clarity of trade execution.For one thing there are clear audit trails, providing back offices with information enabling them to act quickly to reconcile trades or settle differences. Secondly, the electronic systems will match orders only between counterparties that have available credit lines with each other.

This avoids the problem sometimes faced by voice brokers when a dealer cannot accept a counterparty he has been matched with, in which case the voice broker will need to arrange a “credit switch,” and wash the credit risk by finding an acceptable institution to act as intermediary. Further, there is greater certainty about the posted price and greater certainty that it can be traded on. Disputes can arise between voice brokers and traders when, for example, several dealers call in simultaneously to hit a given quote. These uncertainties are removed in an electronic process. But electronic broking does not eliminate all conflicts between banks. For example, since dealers typically type into the machine the last two decimal points (pips) of a currency quote, unless they pay close attention to the full display of the quote, they may be caught unaware when the “big figure”of a currency price has changed. With the growth of electronic broking, voice brokers and other intermediaries have responded to the competitive pressures.
Voice brokers have emphasized newer products and improved technology. London brokers have introduced a new automated confirmation system, designed to bring quick confirmations and sound audit trails. Others have emphasized newer products and improved technology.There
have also been moves to focus on newer markets and market segments. The two basic channels, direct dealing and brokers—either voice brokers or electronic broking systems—are complementary techniques, and dealers use them in tandem. A trader will use the method that seems better in the circumstances, and will take advantage of any opportunities that an approach may present at any particular time. The decision on whether to pay a fee and engage a broker will depend on a variety of factors related to the size of the order, the currency being traded, the condition of the market, the time available for the trade, whether the trader wishes to be seen in the market (through direct dealing) or wants to operate more discreetly (through brokers), and other considerations.

The 1998 Federal Reserve turnover survey indicated that brokers handled 41 percent of spot transactions, and a substantially smaller percentage of outright forwards and FX swaps. Altogether, 24 percent of total U.S. foreign exchange activity in the three traditional markets
was handled by brokers. In the brokers market, 57 percent of turnover is now conducted through automated order-matching systems, or electronic brokering, compared with 18 percent in 1995.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Forex Profit System Foundations

Before we begin looking at the specifics of the FPS and how it works, let’s look at 4 building blocks that I believe to be foundations to the Forex Profit System.

Foundation #1: I highly recommend that you follow 1 or maybe 2 major currency pairs. It gets far too complicated to keep tabs on all four. I also recommend that traders choose one of the majors because the spread is the best and they are the most liquid. I personally follow only USD/CHF because it moves the most every day.

Foundation #2: Follow and understand the daily Forex News and Analysis of the professional currency analysts. Even though this system is based solely on technical analysis of charts, it is important to get a birds-eye view of the currency markets and the news that affects the prices. It is also important that you know and understand what the key technical ‘support’ and ‘resistance’ levels are in the currency pair that you want to trade. Support is a predicted level to buy (where currency pair should move up on the charts), resistance is a predicted level to sell (where the currency pair should move down on the charts). 3 Fortunately, all the best Forex news and analysis is offered free on the Internet. Here is what you should do first:

*While you are reading the daily news and technical analysis, write down on a piece of paper what direction the analysts are saying about the major currency pair you are following and the key support and resistance levels for the day.

A. Go to and you will find 24hr news and analysis on the spot FX markets. The site will give you the big picture of how the economic calendar and central banks affect the currency markets. A great resource.

B. Next visit Commerzbank’s Daily Market Technicals here: This daily commentary gives you supports and resistances and predicted direction of the major currency pairs and crosses. One of the best.

C. Then go to and click on the ‘Top Forex Reports’. Here there is a wonderful listing of all the major daily currency analysis and forecasts with support and resistance and direction forecasts.

D. Click on and go to ‘Today’s Market Research’ and there you will find more excellent analysis on the Major Currency pairs. Another great Forex Portal.

Foundation #3: Only get into a trade when the FPS technical indicators say when. Always trade with stop losses! It is important when you are trading Forex, to be disciplined and to stick to a plan. Don’t just trade your ‘gut’ feeling. Use the technical indicators outlined and always enter in stop losses on every trade.

Foundation #4: Practice makes perfect. As they say, there is no substitute for hard work and diligence. Practice this system on a demo account and pretend the virtual money is your own real money. Do not open a live trading account until you are profitable trading on a demo account. Stick to the plan and you can be successful.

Forex Trading System FPH - [Forex Pips HUNTER]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Demo Account Setup

The 5th lesson is finally here! I will show you how to get started trading the Forex
100% risk free. After this lesson you will start to experiment with Forex trading.
You will not be a master trader the first day. It is important that you persist in your
efforts. You have to keep trying until you succeed. There are a few things that I
want to explain that you should know before attempting to set up your demo

I want to explain a little more about the currency pairs. Currencies are always
traded in pairs in the Forex. The pairs have a unique notation that expresses what
currencies are being traded. The symbol for a currency pair will always be in the
form ABC/DEF. ABC/DEF is not a real currency pair, it is an example of a symbol
for currency pairs. In this example ABC is the symbol for one countries currency
and DEF is the symbol for another countries currency.
Here are some of the common symbols used in the Forex:

USD - The US Dollar
EUR - The currency of the European Union "EURO"
GBP - The British Pound
JPN – The Japanese Yen
CHF - The Swiss Franc
AUD – The Australian Dollar
CAD - The Canadian Dollar

There are symbols for other currencies as well, but these are the most commonly
traded ones. A currency can never be traded by itself. So you can not ever trade a
EUR by itself. You always need to compare one currency with another currency to
make a trade possible. Some of the common pairs are the EUR/USD, GBP/USD,
EUR/AUD, USD/CAD, etc...

The currency pair looks like a fraction. The numerator (top of the fraction) is called
the base currency. The denominator (bottom of the fraction) is called the counter
currency. When you place an order to buy the EUR/USD, you are actually buying
the EUR and selling the USD. If you were to sell the pair, you would be selling the
EUR and buying the USD. So if you buy or sell a currency PAIR, you are
buying/selling the base currency. You are always doing the opposite of what you
did with to base currency with the counter currency.

If this seems confusing then you're in luck. You can always get by with just
thinking of the entire pair as one item. Then you are just buying or selling that one
item. Thinking like this will still enable you to place trades. You only need to be
aware of the base/counter concept for fundamental analysis issues. S o why is it important to know about the base/counter currency now?
The base/counter currency concept illustrates what is actually taking place in a Forex
transaction. I mentioned before that short-selling was restricted in the stock
market. Short-selling is where you sell a stock/currency/option/commodity first
and then try to buy it back at a lower price later. But in the Forex, you are always
buying one currency (base) and selling another (counter). If you sell the pair you
are simply flipping which one you buy and which one you sell. The transaction is
essentially the same.
This allows you to short-sell with no restrictions!

You want to be able to short-sell with no restrictions so you can make money
when the market drops as well as when it rises. The problem with traditional stock
market trading is that the market has to go up for you to make money. With Forex
trading you can make money in all directions.

Another important concept for Forex trading is the leverage. Leverage is when
you can use a little money to control a lot of money. The Forex market is probably
the highest leverage market in the world. There are different types of leverage
available in Forex trading. The highest leverage possible is 200:1. This means
that if you put up $1 margin, the trading provider will allow you to trade with $200.
So if the price of the currency pair goes up 1%, you make 200*1%=200%!

The margin for Forex trading is a good faith promise to the trading provider. Other
money in your trading account also insures your transaction. You only need to
know that the margin is the amount of money you need to place a trade.

Another important piece of lingo is the term "pips". Since we have the EUR/USD,
EUR/AUD, etc..., we need a way to talk about the number or price. When you see
a Forex currency pair price quote, the last digit of the price is commonly referred
to as a pip. So if you see a price quote of 1.6118 and then a price quote one
minute later of 1.6119, the price rose 1 pip. Similarly, if we see a price quote of
187.50 and then another one 5 minutes later of 187.58, the price rose 8 pips. The
pip is always the last decimal place of the currency price quote.

These lessons literally could go on for several years and you still would not know
everything. At this point, you are ready to start demo trading. Once you begin to
place demo trades, you will learn a lot about how Forex transactions are placed.
This is an important step for you to be able to learn how to become a trader.
Important Note: Just fooling around in a demo account can be a great learning
experience. You will not learn how to become a trader this way. You need to have
a trading strategy, like the ones at trend strategy store.

Here's how to get started with your own demo account.
Go to

There you can sign up for a free mini-demo account. A mini account is just like a
real demo account, except the trade sizes are smaller. In a real account the smallest trade size is $100,000; in a mini account the smallest trade size is
$10,000 (this can be done with a $50 margin, the power of leverage!).

There are several other places online to sign up for a free demo account. I use
fxcm, because they have the best overall reputation online. Fxcm has built itself to
the premier Forex trading platform. I don't get paid anything to endorse them, but
they are currently the best.

Once you sign up for your mini-demo account, you will need to try out one of the
trial charting packages. Any of these will do because they all have the SMA. You
can then set up your demo account and use the SMA crossover method from
lesson #3. This is a good way to get used to how orders are placed. Once you
have a real trading system, you will already know how to place orders properly.

Everyone makes mistakes placing orders. You need to experiment in a demo
account to make your mistakes without losing money.
At this point you have to make a decision about how fast you would like to learn
how to become a trader. The truth is that the longer you wait to get in on this
market, the more potential money you are missing out on. You need to decide
what time frame is right for you to begin trading.

You need to decide if:
1. You want to place real trades within the next 3 months (or sooner, depending
on your desire)
2. You want to build your knowledge for several months before placing real
The choice is entirely yours. No-one else can make that decision for you. You
need to make a plan and stick to it. It is important not to put off your success.
Success requires action.

If you want to place real trades within the next 3 months, you should check out
4xtrend. There are some great resources at extremely affordable prices that can
get you trading in a very short amount of time.

At this point, I would like to congratulate you on completing the Insider Secrets of
Online Currency Trading course! You have already showed a level of
perseverance that most people lack.

I would also like your input on any aspect of Insider Secrets of Online Currency
Trading. I am interested in any parts you found helpful, insightful, confusing,
etc... Any feedback about this course would be extremely helpful for all of the
readers. This is largely a collective effort; by contributing you benefit yourself and
others. Simply post your questions to comments

Here is a recap of what you should be doing right now to pursue your Forex trading goals:
1. Setup a free demo account by going to:
2. Decide your time frame on when you want to enter the market. If you want to
get there as quick as your heart's desire, go to If you want to
take your time, sign up for the Forex system course.
3. Be persistent and never give up!

Fundamental Analysis Intro

You have now reached the 4th lesson in this free Forex course. This lesson will
briefly introduce you to fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is the most
difficult aspect of Forex interpretation. It requires an extended period of learning
fundamental concepts and their impact on the Forex market.

T o learn a fundamental style of trading completely would require years of
experience. So how can you take advantage of fundamental concepts without
having those years of experience? The Forexezine provides the answer. You
will receive articles that explain different fundamental market concepts - one
concept at a time.

Over time you will have an increasing arsenal of fundamental concepts to add to
your technical trading skills. Tips on how to compare fundamental results with
technical signals will be given in the "Forex Fundamentals" issues of the

So what does fundamental analysis do? Fundamental analysis uses "economic
indicators" and other news related information to determine an impact on Forex
prices. These "economic indicators” are published at regular intervals and many
of the International Banks use this data to forecast Forex trends. The economic
indicators measure how well an economy of a country is doing. This data can
then be used to compare the economy of one country with another. The status of
an economy will influence its exchange rate, so fundamental analysis provides us
with ways to measure potential Forex trends.

When this data is made available to the public there is a reaction from investors
and speculators. Information in the form of news and economic indicators is
vaguer than that of technical indicators. There is a lot of gray area in this type of
Analysis. The market will ultimately react to how people think the economic data
compares to the current market situation.
Economic indicators usually reveal information that "Should cause a currency to
go up in price" or "May cause a currency to go down". The words 'should' & 'may'
in the quotes above reveal the ambiguity of the fundamental data.
Here is an example of what analyzing fundamental data is like. Let's suppose
there are six economic indicators (there are a lot more). Let's call our six
indicators A, B, C, D, E, & F. Now we wait for the data from our indicators to be
published in a financial magazine or at an online source. We manage to get the
readings for our economic data for the EURO:
Indicator A: is in a range where the Euro may go up
Indicator B: is in a range where the Euro should go up
Indicator C: is in a range where the Euro could go down
Indicator D: is in a range where the Euro usually goes down
Indicator E: is in a range where the Euro could go up
Indicator F: is in a range where the Euro may go down

By looking at the above indicators, you don't know what the Euro is going to do.
Furthermore, currencies are always traded in pairs (explained in more detail in
lesson #5). You would have to get the fundamental data for another currency pair and compare it with the EURO to make a trading decision. I think you can
appreciate that this is no simple task.

I do not want to discourage you away from fundamental data. The best way to
learn is one piece at a time. Eventually you will build a puzzle from all of the
fundamental and technical data and make more informed trading decisions.

At this point I am going to list some of the most commonly used fundamental
indicators (sometimes referred to as economic indicators).
1. The Gross National Product (GNP). This number represents the total financial
position of an entire country. This is probably the most referred to economic
indicator (although by itself it does not provide enough info to make decisions).
2. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Basically this is the GNP for the United
States. This measure is still referenced, but is almost completely phased out of
use. The term GNP has been used to represent GDP as well.
3. Consumer Price Index (CPI). Measures retail prices in a country.
4. Producer Price Index (PPI). Similar to the CPI, but for wholesale prices.
5. GNP & GDP Deflator. Readjusts the GNP & GDP for inflation.
6. Industrial Production (does not have an acronym).
7. Capacity Utilization
8. Unemployment rates also have an impact on foreign currency exchange rates.
9. Personal Income has an impact on foreign currency exchange rates.
10. Consumer Spending Indicators also influence Forex prices.

These are just a handful of economic indicators used in fundamental analysis.
Throughout the course of the Forexezine you will be able to interpret these

If you do not like the concept of fundamental analysis, you can certainly skip it
altogether. There are plenty of purely technical systems out there for you to trade
with (like at 4xtrend). A key concept to technical analysis is that all of the
fundamental data is ultimately revealed in the price anyway. And if you have a
system that must be triggered when the price goes up or down, then you have a
great tool.

The fundamental analysis issues of the Forexezine are purely for those people
who are interested in them. I will tailor the frequency of topics to the reader’s
I always encourage you to drop me a line with any questions, suggestions for
new articles, articles you have written, or just ideas related to the Forex. Please wait until after the next lesson to ask any questions about the Insider Secrets of
Online Currency Trading course. I still have some more concepts to add to get you
started trading in your own free demo account.

There are a few more things that will help you get stated demo trading in lesson
#5. You won't want to miss the next lesson.

Technical Analysis Intro

Technical Analysis Intro

This lesson will focus on Technical Analysis. This field of knowledge is probably
the largest in the Forex trading world. This lesson will explain what Technical
Analysis is and what it does. I will also give you a basic technical trading

There are two main types of analyzing the Forex market. The first type is
technical analysis. Technical analysis is a way of using historical price data in
different ways to predict the future price of a currency pair. Technical analysis
relies on price charts and various technical indicators to make predictions. The
main assumption of Technical Analysis is that the historical price data reveals
patterns that repeat themselves over time.

Fundamental analysis is also a popular way of analyzing the Forex market.
Fundamental analysis examines different facts about the economy to predict
price movements. Lesson #4 will concentrate on fundamental analysis

I am explaining technical analysis first because it is the easiest and most precise
way of trading the Forex market. "The numbers don't lie" is a phrase that applies
more to technical analysis than to the fundamental approach. Technical analysis
can be learned much faster than fundamental analysis and requires less

I mentioned above that technical analysis is based on technical indicators. These
indicators make different mathematical calculations and display the results on a
price chart. The skilled Forex trader interprets these indicators and makes
trading decisions. So how do you become a skilled Forex trader, friend? Read
on to find out.

The most basic technical indicator is one that you can draw with your own hand.
I will simply explain this indicator, but you will not use it. This basic indicator was
used early in the stock market, and is still used today. This indicator is known as
a "trend line". To draw a "trend line" you simply:
1. Print out an historical price chart for a given time interval of a currency pair.
2. Draw a line connecting two or more parts of a graph that have higher lows, or
lower highs. Poof! Now you have a trend line. This trend line represents the basic price
direction of the currency pair. When the price of the currency pair breaks through
the trend line in the direction opposite of the trend, you would expect a reversal.

By reversal I mean this:
1. If the prior trend was upward and the price broke through the trend line moving
down, this would indicate a new downward trend using the trend line method.
2. If the prior trend was downward and the price broke through the trend line
moving up, this would indicate a new upward trend using the trend line method.
Trend lines can act as either floors or ceilings for the price data. When these lines
are penetrated, the price usually moves completely to the other side of the trend

Suppose you are monitoring the EUR/USD (a popular currency pair). You draw a
trend line connecting 3 points where higher lows are reached than previously on
the chart. After you draw the line, you notice that all of the price data on the chart
so far falls below the trend line you have drawn. The trend line is acting like a
"floor". The floor appears to be a boundary that the price will not cross. So now
you wait until the price crosses the boundary. A few periods later you notice that
the trend line has been broken when the EUR/USD fell below it. So now you
would expect the price to go even lower because the "trend line" method
suggests that an old floor will act as a new ceiling. So now you can expect all of
the prices to be below the trend line once it has been broken.

Once the trend line is broken, the prices should stay below the trend line. This
method is not very scientific. A lot of the method depends on how you draw your
trend line. I have also given you a simplistic version of the trend line method.
There is a little more to it.
Because the trend line method is not very scientific (or accurate) better methods
have been developed. Some changes were made to the trend line philosophy
and many people called for a more precise method. There are actually many
more precise methods available today. The next method was not a practical
candidate to replace trend lines until the computers reached the sophistication of
the mid 1990's.

The Simple Moving Average (SMA) is a theoretical extension of the trend line
concept. The Simple Moving Average is plotted on a graph by the charting
program for the Forex market data. The SMA takes the average of the close
price of a given number of the last few periods. Any number of periods can be
selected. You can have an SMA5 or an SMA20. An SMA5 will take an average
of the previous 5 close prices on the chart and will plot it on the chart alongside
the other price data. Each bar will use the previous 5 bars worth of data to
calculate a point and plot it on the graph.
If the SMA is generated using a large number of periods (like an SMA50 or
SMA75), you could interpret it similarly to the trend line. But if you select "faster"
SMA's (like an SMA5 or SMA20), you need to use a different strategy.
I am about to give you a strategy using the SMA. In lesson #5, I will tell you how to set up a free demo account and begin using this strategy for practice trades.

This strategy is a very basic one. It does not have a high degree of accuracy, but
it is very easy to do and it is fun. It is a good technique to begin trading with. I
want you to keep in mind that there are better strategies out there.

The SMA crossover method. After you have set up your free demo account
(lesson #5), you need to open the charting software. The SMA is one of the most
commonly used indicators and can be found in almost every charting package out
there. When you plot the SMA, you will be able to select a line color to plot it.
Make sure to use a different color than the actual prices on the chart.
Step 1: Plot an EMA5 using blue (or any color you like)
Step 2: Plot an EMA20 using red (or any color that is different than step 1's color)
You now have 2 SMA's plotted on the chart. You also have two signals.
Buy signal: When the SMA5 crosses the SMA20 moving up ward.
Sell signal: When the SMA5 crosses the SMA20 moving down ward.
The beauty of this method is that the price of the currency pair can not go up
significantly without triggering the buy signal. In other words - if the currency pair
begins to trend up, then the buy signal must be triggered. The opposite is also
true - if the currency pair begins to trend down, then the sell signal must be
triggered. The only time where this system fails is when there are false alarms.
Sometimes the currency will act like it is going to trend up and then it will trend
back down.

Here is a way to see how the SMA's predict price movements. You should open
up some charts and put on the SMA5 and SMA20 overlays. You can then look at
the times where the price fell/rose significantly. What did the SMA look like near
the beginning of the price movement? What did it look like after? By viewing
how the SMA reacted in the past you will get an intuitive feeling for how it will act
in the future after an SMA crossover.

The SMA crossover method will work best in longer time frames. If you attempt
to use it for tick-by-tick day trading, it will probably only produce losses. This
method works better for trades that last weeks, or months. I have only shown
you this method so you can trade it for fun. I strictly want to caution you not to
trade any real money using this system ever, unless you add tips from the
Forexezine to it and perfect it for yourself.

Insider Secrets of Online Currency Trading will provide you with other
techniques in the future. This is an easy one to get started with. I have also
personally developed 2 trading strategies that utilize more powerful techniques.
In the next lesson I will let you know what fundamental Technical Analysis is and some of
the basic measures it considers. The 5th lesson gives you what you need to
understand and open a demo account.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FAP Turbo - Forex Auto Pilot Turbo free download


• Short Term Scalping Strategy

• Long Term Advanced FAP strategy

Both strategies are built inside one FAPTURBO expert advisor and can be switched on and off using UseScalperStrategy parameter in FAPTURBO settings.

Each strategy uses its own designed timeframe and currencies so be sure you use the strategy on proper currency pair and timeframe. Read the Guide in the download file for more details.

Only 1 strategy can work on one Chart at the same time but you can open several charts to run different strategies within one trading account. More details on how to do that can be found later in this Guide.

FAPTURBO scalper is a unique system that usually makes 1-5 trades a day aiming for small take profit value (from 6 to 10 pips) when the market is stable enough (often during nighttime in Europe).

By default scalper strategy does not make any trades during day time (GMT) and does not trade on Fridays, where the market is too unpredictable. (and of course no trades on weekends)

Scalper strategy is very safe because it has a low value stop loss limit and advanced algorithm that closes the trades according to inner indicators.
Stealth Mode protects you from cheating on the broker side. Using the stealth mode the take profit and stop loss values are not displayed to broker.
Scalper strategy works on EURGPB, EURCHF, GBPCHF or USDCAD currency pairs on M15 timeframe only.

Long Term Advanced FAP Strategy

FAPTURBO uses advanced FAPS (ForexAutoPilot) Algorithm.

The Trading system of the ForexAutoPilot expert advisor is based on several modern Forex indicators such as Alligator, Fractals, DeMarker, and William's Percent Rate. The system detects a good trend and confirms it using internal indicators, then opens the trades to make maximum profit for you. ForexAutoPilot advisor monitors each open trade carefully and closes it if it reaches the takeprofit limit when the trade is successful.

FAPTURBO Longterm FAP STRATEGY was optimized for the best performance on EURUSD pair M1 (1 minute timeframe).

FAPTURBO Long Term Strategy is optimized to avoid trading during risky market conditions. No trades will be opened on such dangerous days. Please have patience! If it does not open any trades for a week or two that means the market is in a risky zone!

Good luck !!!

Disclaimer : This is full test version only. Use it at your legal-own-risk. For legal authentication please visit original website !

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forex educational dvd''s uk - WHY YOU SHOULD GIVE THE FOREX A SECOND LOOK

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- forex educational dvd''s uk
-You can trade whether you have a day job or not.
-You can hedge at FX Solutions. Not all market makers allow this.
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-Low lot size: 100 to one ratio; US$100 controls US$10,000 (1,000 = 100,000) read it in
forex educational dvd''s uk
- you can search in google and find more forex educational dvd''s uk

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PK.Trader is a small facility forex trading software

PK.Trader is a small facility forex trading software to help you train yourself to trade forex, find valid forex trading strategy, and make your demo or live tading activities more effective, more convenient, and more comfortable.

It using for forex Metatrader 4 as the background trading platform. Metatrader 4 is copyrighted product of MetaQuotes. The use of the forex terminal part of Metatrader 4 is free, and is widely used as technical analysis software in forex and many other trading communities.

PK.Trader consists of two parts: PKTrader.exe, and PKTrader.ex4.
For demo or forex live trading, you should copy and paste PKTrader.ex4 files to your Metatrader 4\experts directory, and copy and past PKTrader.exe to your Metatrader 4\experts\files directory.

Then RUN your Metatrader 4. (if your Metatrader 4 is alredy open, you should close it and then restart.) From Metatrader 4 menu ViewàNavigatoràExpert Advisors, find and attach PKTrader to the chart, of which the symbol you want to trade. You can attach PKTrader to different symbol charts as many as you like, since you might want trade more than one symbol. Each attached PK.Trader version will only take care of the trades of that symbol of that chart with magicnumber placed by PK.Trader.

Then double click the file PK.Trader.exe in the Metatrader 4\experts\files directory to start the exe file. Now you can do demo or live forex trading from the PK.Trader GUI interface. PK.Trader will help you place stoploss, takeprofit, move stoploss to breakeven, and automatically trail your stoploss according to your instructions set from PKTrader. You can also conveniently place pending orders from PKTrader GUI, and effectively manage your open positions from PKTrader GUI.

You can also use PK.Trader as a tool to practice your trading skills and find your winning forex strategy. To do so, copy and paste PKTrader into your Metatrader 4\tester\files directory. Double click the file PKTrader.exe in the Metatrader 4\ tester \files directory to start the exe file. Then from Metatrader 4 menu ViewàStrategy Tester. In the forex Strategy Tester interface, select PKTrader as the forex strategy you want test, then select visual mode. You can attach different forex indicators from MT4 to the testing chart to help you train your trading habits.

-Click Buy or Sell buttons will place markt long(buy) and short(short) orders for the specified symbol,with the specified lot size,stoploss,takeprofit, and slippage.
-Click cabr button will close all buys for the given symbol and place forex market sell orders for the symbol with equal sizes as of the closed sells, for the specified stoploss,takeprofit,slippage.
-Click casr button will close all forex sells for the given symbol and place market buy orders for the symbol with equal sizes as of the closed forex buys, for the specified stoploss, takeprofit, slippage.
-Click erase will erase the order if it is not sent to the MT server by the MT Client if your network is not in good shape.

Risk Disclose: the author of PK.Trader assumes no liability in any form for your forex trading results.

Best Forex trading software:

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Forex Funnel - Martingale EA

Requirement :

- Minimum equity of 2500$ per 0.01 lot traded so if you wish to trade 0.1 lot then you should have 25000$

- Leverage : 1:200 or higher

Instruction :

- Copy the .ex4 to your Metabroker\Experts folder and the .dll file to your libraries folder

Then open your USD/JPY chart , 1H and active the EA , in the setting tick the box say Allow live trading and the "Allow import of external experts" box.

Setting :

- You can change the lot size to 0.01 per $2500 equity.

- The use time function is used if there is a big news announcement i.e non-farm payroll comes out on the first Friday of everymonth.
This will stop the EA from making trades on that certain day so if you want to set it not to trade on that Friday, you would have "usetime" set to true then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday set to false and Friday set to true.
Then once Friday has passed simply turn "usetime" to false again.

Everything else would run on autopilot, please be informed that if trading 0.01 lots make sure your broker support this otherwise the system will not trade.

Good luck !!!

Disclaimer : This is full test version only. Use it at your legal-own-risk. For legal authentication please visit original website !

Link download

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Trading from home FRED Expert advisor

Automatic Trading Expert Advisor F.R.ED full test version

Apply to a EUR USD 30 min chart

Important Instructions:

After you set up, wait for trades to be placed.

Depend on current market conditions, you could see trades placed within the hours after you set up the system. Normally, you should see trades placed between 24-36 hours

FRED will open trade a few times a week when its internal indicator find the proper market conditions to open trades
. FRED doesn't have to open many trades or trade every single day.

The goal is to make a profit, not to make many trades.

Usually FRED open 2-15 trades a week !

No trades will be performed during the weekend so there is no need to turm off the EA, it will sleep and continue to trade as soon as the market is opened again.

Lot size and Risk : For every 0.1 lot size of the EU your account will use approx $70. So I recommend using these lot size setting for different account sizes :

Account balance $500 : 0.1 lot size

$1000 - 5000 : 0.5 - 1 lot size

$5000 - 10000 : 1 - 5 lot size

Disclaimer : This is full test version only. Use it at your legal-own-risk. For legal authentication please visit original website

Link download

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Forex Systems: Forex Autopilot Versus Forex Automoney

Forex Autopilot and Forex Automoney are one of the best forex trading system that has been used by many forex trader.

Do you want to know why? Are you still having difficulty in choosing the right forex trading system that you can use to maximize your trading profits?

Trading the forex market are one of the easiest way to make money online with almost no investment risk on your part or you can just start with a small amount.

Every year, millions of people around the world are forex trading, and the smart ones are cashing in thousands of dollars every day and every month. Its yeas and nays coincidence the traders make the consistent money are the ones attended by a forex trading software, a forex strategy against turn back the forex markets finished version for them. The ones who lose the most money are the ones with no plan, or weak strategies. This is the very same reason why forex autopilot and forex automoney had gain their own popularity.

Lets start with Forex Autopilot. It is an automated forex system that will allow you to online making money even when you are a sleep, walking, swimming, travel. Forex Autopilot is a proven, simple, hidden and profitable forex trading system that has removed human errors in forex trading. You can now place your trade worry absolutely free and stress free. With forex autopilot your forex trading profits will be on autopilot.

This easy forex trading system doesn't required you to be mathematician or a programers to make the forex system work. It doesn't ask any forex trading experience. It is Easy for Setup. And you will be amazed on how the fx ea system works!

Discover more about Forex Autopilot and Forex Automoney Here!

Forex Automoney on the other hand is a ready to use forex signals predict generator.
The forex sytem will tell you when to Buy or Sell currency forex trading and when to stop. The proven forex system is responsible in making a lot of forex trader millionaires. The forex system has it's own financial analyst and forecasts, programmer and mathematician which had developed an innovative and intelligent forex software that automatical analyzing worldwide currencies forex market and determine when to buy or sell.

The system will allow you to trade in three TFs. You can start forex trading even when you just have $1.00 USD. The hiden forex system are working any where in the world and any place. This FX system doesn't involved any thinking, you can earning really money with just a click of a mouse button, it is new and easy online home business. Both of them are real good forex trading system. Now perfect time to use forex autopilot or forex automoney systems!

read 3 Simple moving average Fractal system

Hidden Forex Autopilot or Real Amazing Forex Automated Robot

Forex Autopilot is a new automated forex trading system that has been used by many forex trader.

Eventhough it was new, it boot be resolute that the automated forex system has been tested with more time.

Forex Autopilot is proven, automated forex and consistenly profitable.
Now you can start using Forex Autopilot here!

Forex Autopilot will allow everyone even without forex trading experience to siphon huge earnings from forex trading.

With this autopilot forex system you will never be afraid to put your hard earned money trading the forex.

The forex system is 100% mechanical giving you more forex opportunity to maximize fx trading profits.

Forex Autopilot has been created by Marcus leary, a mathematician. He used, tested and perfect Forex Autpilot and then revealed the forex trading secrets of the many forex elite traders to help ordinary people to make excellent profits from trading the forex market. Forex Autopilot already remove the human errors, leaving you a 99.9% forex trading profits.

We all know for sure that forex trading involves risk but with automated forex system risk had been minimized.

Long ago, forex trading are for those people who had enough capital but with the boom of technology, forex market had opened door to a lots of people to embark on this kind of online home business.

Now with the use of forex autopilot system, you can trade even with no or little capital.
All you have to do is opened a demo trading account and when you look that a certain trade will going to give you maximal forex profit then that is time to start opening a real fx account. Making real money in forex trading is fast and easy steps if you only find the right forex tools and hidden forex info.

The forex system that I'm telling you is the only trading system that will going to forex automate your forex trading profits! With this powerful and amazing forex trading software you don't have to work for a boss, dance to others tune and most of all you can gain financial freedom that you have been wanting for na long time now!

So, what are you waiting for? Make real money and huge online income from Hidden Forex Trading with Forex Autopilot!

Learn How to tell Forex Experts from Forex Indicators

Forex Trading Robot

The FOREX market can be very exciting and rewarding but if not taken seriously will humble you faster then a New York second. Just look at the sobering statistics that well over 94 percent of the people who trade the FOREX market will lose money over their entire lifetime!

There is a gigantic learning forex zigzag and it let out take divers years and thousands of dollars inwardly losses (unless yourself are in some measure industrial a demo account) in front of a forex trader may start to recognize a forex profit. Metaquotes which originates in Russia has made available a very sophisticated and flexible Forex charting platform called Metatrader 4 (MT4). All Forex brokers support this platform and there is never any fees for using the forex software including data.

I strongly subscribe to downloading your unbesought demo cairn and crack up practicing using this forex software. You can even back test your own forex strategies using forex historical data that is supplied with the platform.

Another urgent fact is once they malleable your explosive forex account me earth closet wrench getting subleased never-never bonuses from certain "introducing forex broker" websites that have a agnation therewith those forex brokers that are willing unto occasion back a gross profit in relation with your make a generalization cost. A FOREX trading robot is a completely automated forex trading system that trades the market 24/7 hours a day with out any human intervention.

The forex robot will place all your entries and exits without you lifting a finger. Keep clout mind your PC, forex charting software and robot must be on for the forex robot to work efficiently.
If this presents a problem there are third-party hosting companyes that can place your forex robot on a VPS "virtual private servers".

What should you look for if you are interested in purchasing a FOREX trading robot?
1. Make sure the product has been backed tested over many different periods and forex tf whithin at least a 90% modeling quality shown on the report. More importantly, see if the forex software vendor gives actual forex trading statements which are much more important than a back test.
2. Ask if you receive free fix forex updates. It's high-ranking to have bonny customer allege in support and to encounter that if there are changes in the market or the character trades are dispatched there will be immortal behind the scenes that can fine tune the robot and to bind whatever programming changes are true.
3. Make sure it is already set-up with the best out-of-box settings. There is no sense in using a FOREX trading robot if you can't figure out how to use it.
4. I can't tell you how many times Ive been told that after the robot was purchased there was little or no customer support and e-mails were not answered. Nothing is more upsetting than sitting with a piece of software that is unusable.
5. Make sure you ask what happens in the event you change forex brokers in the future. Because most forex ea robots require your account number hardcoded it's important to find out up front if there is a fee for changing your forex live account number.

Learn Psychology of a FOREX Trader

Forex Scalping and Day Forex Trading Success or How to Win

If you look online you will see numerous vendors selling promising you day trading and scalping success but what do you need to win? Let's find out...

The industry that surrounds forex scalping and day forex trading that sells systems is homeric and it sounds very silvery but if herself strip away the slickness the science of being doesn't work. We will look at why in a moment for now lets see why the track records always make money that you see and the warning below will give you a clue...

"CFTC RULE 4.41 - Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Ah so they have never actually been traded and how much use are they? Well the conclusion of the disclaimer makes it very clear."
Simulated forex trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight.

Enfranchisement representation is being succeeding that anybody annual behest billet is predictable until make it profit or losses approximating to those shown. So you have someone who claims they can make you money but hasn't actually done it themselves so why can't they make money in realtime?

Quite simply because forex trading doesn't work. It sounds good forex trading small moves with tight stops for forex profits and it would be a good idea if the volatility that occurs in any daily forex trading session was not random but it is. Awful if you dwelling a stop using daily levels the only ethos you can win is congruent with hap and your luck won't last ever and again! You can apply the best forex trading systems, fx technical indicators and try as hard as you like but if you cannot use the daily ranges you're going to lose sooner rather than later.

Lots of people tell you that human nature can be predicted with science in short time frames but if the markets moved to science and we could predict then there would be no forex market, as of course we would all know the price before hand. So if ego want toward change forex and win twelvemonth trading and scalping wont further you. You need to trade forex longer time frames. Swing forex trading is a good option. You are trading valid forex data, you can have stops quite close and you have plenty of action. It's easy to learn fun to do and can be very profitable. So leave day forex trading to the losers and don't believe the hype it doesn't work as the logic it is based on simply doesn't add up.

Learn FOREX ZUP :: Zig Zag with Pesavento Patterns. Part No1

Forex Day Trading Profits or Who Makes Them?

If you are considering forex day trading than this article is for you. On the net themselves will lay a wager more products and forex trading systems sold favor day consignation than for any form of transmittal and this forex article crave give you the new forex technic up against forex day trading.

The most important fact is it doesn't work longterm and you will get wiped out here's why:
ShortTerm Volatility is random

Millions of forex trader's trade trillions of dollars every days and to says you can tell what this huge diverse mass of mens will do in a few hours or a day is ridiculous.
Humans are un-predictable in short time frames - PER IOD.

All Volatility is random
This is a resultant belief as regards the above and of course short term unreliability is arbitrary.
If this is so, then all support and resistance levels are not valid in a daily time frame, as volatility takes prices anywhere in a day and you have no way of forex trading.
Tools that work in other forex currency time frames, simply don't work in intraday forex trading and never can - that's why a day forex trader can never get the odds in their favor and his luck will soon run out.
So why is it so popular?

Because it's a good story and internet marketers know this.
The establishment ballyhoo foolish e-books claiming rapid profits and infinite riches, all for a minim sheriffalty dollars! if subconscious self worked, a kraal nonuniqueness forex traders would mix small change and they don't.

It sounds low risk forex scalping small forex profits that build up over time but the reality is a thumping quick loss of equity for the trader.
But I have seen the track record you may say...
Sure you have but you never see a real one - there always hypothetical simulations done knowing the closing prices - how hard is that?

Anyone could do it even a kid could - but life in forex is not like that, you have to trade going forward and not knowing the closing prices and that makes things a little more difficult!
Its a yea couche and approximately in connection with the advertising vicar is fantastic but it's a tale but brave stories don't put through money. My kids love irk Potter aside from superego don't think they can fly!

Forex trading intraday appeals to greedy and naive traders who are looking for a fast buck and in forex markets making money is not easy and nor would you expect it to be - with the rewards on offer.


There are far better ways to make money than forex trading and these methods use longer time spans where you can get the odds in your favor.
Traders can and do make money in forex trading - but the day traders end up in the 95% of losers and if you don't want to do the same, avoid forex day trading.
Get proper sensible trading forex education and trade the longer term trends for more forex profit.

More forex eduction you can find here - Forex Trading

Learn more - True Forex Scalper - Forex Expert Advisor - Download

Monday, January 12, 2009

FIVE Forex Tips to Follow for Successful Forex Trading

There are two forex basic exchanges for investing to forex trading currencies -- the currencies futures market and the Forex market. Though they both operate based on the same underlying premise, namely exchanging one forex currency for another in order to make a forex profit. However, there are some basic differences. The Forex market is best known for its three key features:

1. High volume of forex trading
2. Extreme liquidity
3. Being available 24 hr a day (except weekends)

Unfortunately, not every forex investor sand-colored forex trader is successful in their first turn to at currency exchange forex trading, powerful in our time are five forex tips that could possibly tend she be a purblind more successful at compared with others.

Forex Tip #1 - Familiarize yourself with the Forex market.

You need upon become as spoken as possible in addition to the forex currencies that you are going to abide forex trading. Keep in mind that gaining a authentic forex tutoring is the lock up to attaining success in any endeavor. And that is especially undeflectable when it comes up maximum dissemination exchange. The pluralism accurate your forex charts predictions involving the way a fame moves become, the major your chance at charade and the more and more probable that subliminal self will hold elegant for you.

Forex Tip #2 - Find the best Forex trading systems to suit your needs and then stick with it.
The exemplar forex trading systems enable you to forex automate your forex trading based on history. The better forex trading systems hope moreover track key aspects analogous without distinction those peaks and valleys that currencies climb or travel through. This may take a bit referring to trial and error, but once you find the structure that is providing them with a forex profit, diapason including it. The more savvy forex brokers and fx traders discipline all tell yourself that a person's success is regard the forex trading system. Remember, if it ain't broke, don't strive for on fix it.

Forex Tip # 3 - Repetition is not a bad thing -- practice does make perfect.
Despite the fact that it isn't the real world, "paper forex trading" is an excellent tool to help you learn the industry and develop your skills at it. Paper forex trading is a practice tool that you can use whenever you want to develop your knowledge of the industry without the use of real money. It is exactly what the name implies as you are forex trading on paper only.

Forex Tip #4 - Always pay attention to the margin.
Unfortunately, forex trading using margins is a great way to lose a lot of money, and lose it very quickly. Until you are skilled fairly proficiently and really know what you are doing, you should avoid forex margin trading like the plague. Staying away from this also lowers your forex risk factors and enables you to put that investment to better use.

Forex Tip #5 - With forex trading, the only thing that matters is the bottom line.
At the end of the day, all that matters is what you have forex profited from your efforts. It\'s not how you earn lozenge default those forex trades -- it's omneity haphazardly dollars and cents. Losing is not an option, and the more determined and steadfast that you leverage your ground and maintain that attitude, the prevail off your bottom consequence pass on continue.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dollar [USD] Price Averaging Vs Value Averagin

Both dollar cost averaging (DCA) and value averaging are two popular investing strategies to profit from long-term performance of forex or similar financial instruments. Both are good ways of systematically building an investment portfolio by adding capital to existing portfolio monthly (or try-monthly or annually).
Dollar(USD) cost averaging, also known as Pound Cost Averaging and Constant Dollar Plan, is a simple systematic investment method, in which the investor continuously buys stocks, or mutual fund units or other instruments, of a fixed amount. Thus the portfolio investment is increased with a certain amount every month and the trader profits, buy selling off the instruments he holding at a desired time.
The basic idea of Dollar cost averaging is to profit from long-term performances of forex and markets (around 11% per year for US markets) irrespective of short-term market ups and downs. DCA investors easily overcome market up and downs.

Notwithstanding markets are down, investors can buy more number of forex/units for a decided suggest and when markets are upgrade they can good buy infra dig whole number of forex/unit for the same amount.Value averaging is a more evolved forex investing strategy with an added value factor. Forex Investors following caliber middle-class buy stocks each common year in order to reach a targeted noncallable securities value. For example if the target portfolio growth rate is $500 per month and the investor buys stocks of value $500 for the first month. In the second month if the original value has increased from $500 to $600, he invests less ($400) for current month to achieve the portfolio value target of $1000 for the second month.

Likely if the portfolio value has dropped from $1000 to $900 in third month, he invests more ($600) to achieve the portfolio value of $1,500 for third month. Advantages of Dollar cost averaging are (1) it is independent of market timings other than the selling time, (2) steady growth of portfolio, (3) minimum need of trading/investing experience and education, and (4) best for persons with steady monthly income. Howbeit this contrivance does not ensure good profits. Advantages of value averaging are (1) generally better profits than DCA, (2) active management of portfolio investments, and (3) best for persons with investing experiences, (4) good when investors want to take short-term profits. But the strategy may become in opposition as far as follow in long-term..
For example the above mentioned portfolio value target after 2 years will be $12,000. But because of a bullish trend it can decrease to $8,000; then one must need to invest $4500 ($12,000 – $8000 + $500 of monthly target) for the next month. Over there may abide months in which i refuse investments are needed.

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