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Duke’s Trading Rules

Duke’s Trading Rules
“Common Sense Trading”

· Use Good Money Management – This will determine your success! The old saying, “You got to know when to hold them and when to fold them” applies here.

· Know Fundamentals – You need to know some basic fundamentals about the company before you purchase the stock. Especially, be aware of what sector the stock is in.
Any News Is Old News – By the time any news about a stock gets to those of us away from the trading floor, it has already been acted upon. Don’t trade news about a stock unless you’re in the trading pits or daytrading with timely current information.

· Market Advice – By in large, stock market advice is worthless! The “experts” on CNBC are wrong 80% of the time, by a recent study. It’s Your Money…Make Your Own Decisions!

· Plan Your Trade…Trade Your Plan – No trading or money management plans…DON’T TRADE!

· Buy Quality Stocks – Quality stocks have consistent earnings and reasonable P/E ratios. Only buy quality stocks, but I usually buy or sell the index stocks (QQQQ or DIA). The Market Internals and Market Sectors help, but I always trade the direction of “The Market Bias”.

· Let The Market Tell You What To Do – No one knows the direction of the market, but the market internals, sectors and especially the bias indicator will give you advance notice.

· The Trend Is Your Friend – Trade with the market and stock’s trend… PERIOD! PERIOD! PERIOD!!!!!!

· Use Market Internals and Sectors – Market Internals and Sectors provide a HUGE CLUE as to what is ahead for the market! When the market internals and sector agree with the individual stock indicators it is suggesting a profitable direction. It is wise to pay attention!

· Use the Market Bias to enter or stay with a position – the Market Bias will give a pretty clear view of the general market direction. I always enter the market when the Market Bias changes and stay with this position, with a stop under the market, until the Bias changes.

· Trade Liquid Stocks – Liquid Stocks are those that have trading volume so they can be entered or exited very close to the expected price. That is why I trade the index stocks.

· Buy When Oversold – When the stock has already made an upside move and gets “overbought”, it is not smart to enter this stock until it corrects or consolidates at a lower level. Sometimes there are signals to enter a stock at an overbought or oversold condition. This stock is a definite PASS when you want to buy it when it is overbought or sell it when it is oversold.

· Using Historical Data – Data that has happen in the past, whether it is 1 minute or 6 months, it is historical data. All market indicators are based upon historical data. Just remember that it only suggests a higher probability of a certain possible direction… nothing more.

· Know When to Buy or Sell – Develop your trading plan that meets your style of trading. A good trading plan will help tell you when to buy or sell.

· Adding To A Position – The bottom line is NEVER, and I mean NEVER, add to a position, as there are many other stocks that offer a better risk/reward ratio. Averaging up or down is not a smart move. Either stay with the position or be out of it. Adding your resources to a “losing position” only limits your returns. Your capital can ALWAYS be put to better a use in other stocks.

· Indicators Just Add Probability - Trading is all about the probabilities of the stock moving in a direction that we can predict. When several indicators agree on a stock, the probability of it trading in the planned direction has increased considerably, but there are no guarantees that the stock will perform as expected.

· Understand Buy and Hold Strategies - Buy and HOLD is OK if the stock is trending as it was expected, but Buy and FORGET, is just plain STUPID! Manage your stock holdings for profitable performance and risk… That’s how consistent money is made in the market!

· Short Positions Are Even Better – We have been taught that Long positions are the only way to invest, but shorting a stock makes more money quicker. Learn to short the market. Because of the “uptick” rule, it makes sense to use the ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), such as DIA, QQQQ, SMH or SPY for short positions.

· When In Doubt… Get Out – If the indicators are giving mixed signals and the stock is not reacting the way it was expected, the safe position is on the sideline.

· Market Timing - Entering a stock at the correct time is the biggest factor, after money management and a trading plan that will determine your success. Use Market Internals, Market Sectors, Market Bias and the Stock’s Indicators to help in this process.

· Keep An Open Mind - Market conditions can change rapidly and you must too! Be ready to change your mind or you will be left in the dust.

· Use Stops! - Money Management is the difference between a very successful trader and one that is broke. If you don’t use stops, you do not have a money management plan and your trading capital investment will be lost.

· Let Profits Run, But Protect It! – When in a Long position and the market indicators change, place a stop under the low of the day and leave it to protect your profits or minimize your loss. When Short, place the stop above the high of the day.

· Trade a Basket of Stocks - No one can predict where the price of a stock will go, so you must have several stocks in your portfolio that have agreed with your entry criteria position and stay with these until there is a reason to exit them.

· Round Lot Orders – Use “Round Lot Orders” so the traders don’t think you’re a rookie.

· When To Trade - If you can’t focus on what you are doing when you’re trading… DON’T TRADE!

· What The Majority Knows – Bottom Line is VERY LITTLE. In most cases “the majority is usually wrong”.

· Use Good Money Management - Develop a sound money management and trading plan! This is my MOST IMPORTANT rule and is my first rule and last trading rule. Trading has many “risks”, so manage these risks. Let profits run…but cut your loses quickly, before it materially damages your trading account or gets to your mind. There will always be another opportunity to purchase stocks that have a much better risk/reward ratio. If you run out of money or get “hard headed” with a position, you will miss many profitable opportunities!
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Easy GBP/USD Forex Trading System

Forex trading System


1- Close out any open positions

2- Cancel any unexecuted orders

3- Set an Entry Buy order 1 forex pip above previous high

4- Set an Entry Sell order 1 pip below previous low

5- Set stops and limits using the following guidelines: 50 pip profit target, 25 pip stoploss if ADR ABOVE 200 40 pip profit target, 20 stoploss if ADR BETWEEN 175 and 199 30 pip forex profit target, 15 stoploss if ADR BELOW 175

Do no forex trade if ADR is below 100

How to calculate ADR (Average Daily Range)

It may be easiest to use an excel spread sheet for this.
Take the H/L for each day, for the past 14 days.
For each day list the amount of pip's between the H and L
Example. H = 1.5623 L = 1.5586
5623 – 5486 = 137

Add the total amount of pip's for all 14 days and divide it by 14.
This will give you the average daily range.

Average pips: +250 – 300 /month.
Max drawdown since 2004:175 pips.

Here is BT Forex trading strategies. Best Forex Trading Signals

BT Forex trading strategies

I've been using this strategy for about 6 months now and have been achieving very high results with it, aroung 40 to 100 pips a day.

OK, here it is:
Timeframe: 1hour works best, but could use on 30 min.Indicators: Braintrend 1, Signal1, Stop1, and Stopline1, Signal Close Alert 1t3 Aroon Horn Smoothedt3 Aroon Horn Oscillator: line drawn at zeroTrend Trigger Modifed version 3 (changed parameters to 50 and -50, instead of 100 and -100)

Entry Long Signal: 1. Blue bar completed with Braintrend signal dot (alert will sound and tell you the entry with stop placement). Do not enter yet.2. Aroon Horn Smoothed lines will cross each other. Do not enter yet.3. Trend Trigger will cross above the +50 line (must be crossing or already above +50 line to signal safe entry). Do not enter yet.4. We enter only when the Aroon Horn Oscillator crosses up over the zero line. (only if all of the other indicators agree)

Entry Short Signal: Opposite above.
Waiting until the Aroon Horn Oscillator crosses the zero line will ensure that the trend is in strength. It also coordinates quite often with the minor retracement that happens after the initial price move. The Aroon Horn Smoothed indicator is an early signal but a retracement could happen that is why we wait for the Oscillator to signal.

I use to just jump right in when I first started using BT to try and get every pip but soon realized that there were many false signals given and one could have many whipsaws along the way. Using this strategy will eliminate many of those whipsaws and allow one to pull the trigger more confidently.

Important note on the Trend Trigger, there has been some discussion about it curve fitting past results to fit ideal parameters. That is why I say wait until the Aroon Horn Oscillator crosses zero to verify the established trend. The market is range bound when between the +50 and -50.


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Forex trading strategies More Forex trading strategies

Interest Free Forex Broker List

Here are some brokers that offer interest free account.

You need ask them before you open an account that if they offer interest free account.

Some only offer interest free account for religious reason (Muslim don’t take or pay interest).








http://www.odomandfrey.com http://www.migfx.ch (They charge $5 per standard lot round turn)

Instant Download Forex Systems

Free forex buy and sell indicator. Forex trading System (Metatrader4)

Hi fellow traders,

I'm using the Forex Moneymaker system for the last 9 months and following it religiously for the last 4 months. It's a trend following system.

The Key components are 4 Indicators.

Heikin-Ashi : Visual Confirmation of A Trend or Consolidation. Confirms also when market is in a Range.

Stochastic & EMA34 : Indicates market momentum.

Aroon: Confirms Trend.

ATR : Indicates current market volume.

I am getting around 30 to 150 pips daily on eur/usd, usd/chf and gbp/usd. I get about 1, 2 or 3 signals in a 24 Hour period.

this is not the best out there, But worked for me so far. For the last 1 month market is rangebound. But with this system I'am still getting about 30~100 pips daily on each of the eur/usd, usd/cnf & gbp/usd.

If you Need More Forex System

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Why the title “One More Zero?” Because, everybody can use one more zero in their lives. If you are making $25,000 a year, you’d be happier with $250,000. If you’re at the $100,000 level, another zero would bring you to the one million dollar mark. And so on, and so on. You get the point. We are absolutely convinced that this e-book will bring you closer to adding one more zero to your life.

And why the subtitle, “HOW TO TRADE THE FOREX LIKE A PRO IN ONE HOUR?” Because, it will probably only take you about one hour to digest the essentials of this ebook – especially the parts on trading technique – and then you’re well on your way to trading the forex like a pro.

Please don’t take this e-book lightly as it is one of a kind. We have considerable experience with currencies, and have yet to find any decent material on the subject of trading the forex. This e-book could turn your life around if you will just let it. Welcome to the wonderful world of forex trading as seen through the eyes of Peter R. Bain and Dr. Brent Strouse.

Stop what you’re doing for a minute and consider this. We’ll show you how you can get your share of the $6 trillion-a-day markets. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to Heaven when you find out how easy it is to mimic the pros.Every day, six trillion dollars float through the hands of people who aren’t any smarter than you or I are. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re an accountant, baker, butcher, retired sea captain, homemaker, airline pilot, surgeon - or cop on the beat. If you’re willing to take some direction, you deserve a nice piece of the action. You’ll never have to learn zip about currencies. You will learn the techniques and strategies to go out and claim what is rightfully yours.Play right along with the giants of world commerce. You won’t be on the outside looking in; you’ll be enjoying the thrill of a lifetime, riding on their king-size coattails. Trading the forex market deserves your serious consideration.

Forex trading has enjoyed exponential growth and widespread popularity over the past few years. It is only now that online foreign exchange trading is starting to get noticed. Until recently, large international banks were the big dogs in the foreign exchange (FX or forex for short) market, selectively allowing access via telephone trading to Fortune 1000companies, large funds, high-net worth individuals, etc..

But now, there are online trading firms that provide individual traders like you and I with direct access to the largest, most liquid financial market in the world – the forex. A lot of traders seem oblivious to this market. This unfamiliarity is the root cause of misconceptions about this exciting market. Spot foreign exchange is the ideal market for active trading - more leverage than equities/futures/options. The market is highly volatile, has a tendency to trend strongly,and actively trades 24 hours per day. There are no limitations on when one can short a currency. Currency traders can make money when a currency is becoming stronger or weaker.


People think that life is a linear progression, which you go from A to B to C and so on. In fact, it’s a total illusion, because anyone who thinks carefully about his/her own life knows that the pattern of his past is absolutely accidental and serendipitous. The key challenge in life is not to know where you are going, but prepare your character so when those wonderful moments of serendipity occur, you can listen to your heart and know what it is you need to do. Trading the forex is just another serendipitous moment in the course of your life. You will either embrace the opportunity or let it go. By the time you have finished reading this e-book, we believe you will not let this opportunity pass you by. If you really wanted to learn how to trade the forex successfully, where would you go? Who would mentor you? Who would teach you? Who would show you how to take advantage of the market, instead of the other way around - the market taking advantage of you? If you could get there on your own, you'd already be there. We’re here to help you conquer the magnificent world of forex trading.

The ideal market for trading …Tired of giving money to your broker and feeling broker? Well, outperform him or her. Currencies don’t crash. They outperform stocks. Earn immediate income and stop worrying about job security and layoffs forever.


-Large returns
-Currencies trend well.
-There are no commissions.
-US$6 trillion a day and growing
-The forex is a very efficient market.
-High leverage: Each pip is worth US$10
-There is lots of movement in this market.
-You can trade 24X5 from home or anywhere.
-Little capital is required – as little as US$500.
-You can easily start out by taking 20 pips a day.
-You can trade whether you have a day job or not.
-You can hedge at FX Solutions. Not all market makers allow this.
-All you need is an Internet connection; charting/dealing software is free.
-This is real-time trading; 2.5 to four second response time; rare re-quotes.
-Low lot size: 100 to one ratio; US$100 controls US$10,000 (1,000 = 100,000)


Is forex risky business? Comparing trading the forex to other forms of trading, you will find that from a risk/reward standpoint, forex trading provides respectable returns. THE STRAIGHT SKINNY ON THE “FX” OR FOREX MARKET The currency (foreign exchange) market is the largest and oldest financial market in the world. It is also called the foreign exchange market, or "FOREX" or "FX" market for short. It is the biggest and most liquid market in the world, and it is traded mainly through the 24 hour-a-day inter-bank currency market - the primary market for currencies. The forex market is a cash (or "spot") inter-bank market. By comparison, the currency futures market is only one per cent as big.

Foreign Exchange simply means the buying of one currency and selling another at the same time. In other words, the currency of one country is exchanged for those of another. The currencies of the world are on a floating exchange rate, and are always traded in pairs - Euro/Dollar, Dollar/Yen, etc. In excess of 85 percent of all daily transactions involve trading of the major currencies - Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, and the U.S. Dollar.

Unlike the futures and stock markets, trading of currencies is not centralized on an exchange. Forex literally follows the sun around the world. Trading moves from major banking centres of the U.S. to Australia and New Zealand, to the Far East, to Europe and finally back to the U.S. In the past, the forex inter-bank market was not available to small speculators due to the large minimum transaction sizes and often-stringent financial requirements. Banks, major currency dealers and the occasional huge speculator used to be the principal dealers. Only they were able to take advantage of the currency market's fantastic liquidity and strong trending nature of many of the world's primary currency exchange rates.

Today, foreign exchange market maker brokers such as FX Solutions are able to break down the larger sized inter-bank units, and offer small traders the opportunity to buy or sell any number of these smaller units (lots). These brokers give virtually any size trader, including individual speculators or smaller companies, the option to trade the same rates and price movements as the large players who once dominated the market. Market makers quote buying and selling rates for currencies, and they profit on the difference between their buying and selling rates.



AdaptableKnowledgeConcentrationNo distractionsAmbition and desirePassion for the businessAbility to take directionExecution (Trust those indicators!)Notice I didn’t include money. That’s because if you have a burning fire in your gut that trading the forex is what you want to do with your life, you’ll soon find the money to do it with by begging, borrowing or stealing it. Well, forget the stealing part.


More than HALF of all Americans have LESS than $1,000 in savings. At age 65, 95% are dead broke or dead. The end of September marks the beginning of autumn, and has been at time of reckoning for currency markets. They have seen violent moves around that time. The British pound was devalued on September 21, 1931, while the Plaza Accord to bring down the dollar was struck on September 21, 1985. The pound jumped the gun a bit by collapsing a few days before a French vote on the Maastricht Treaty for the European monetary union on September 20, 1992.


If you were to toss a coin five fair tosses, what is the probability of the coin landing heads five times in a row? As a hint, remember that the tosses constitute a sequence of events. Answer (backwards): .23 ni 1 ro, rewop htfif eht ot 2/1 si ytilibaborp ehT


… And, finally, some words of wisdom from someone who is somewhat older and wiser – namely me, Peter R. Bain:I believe that the pursuit of the almighty dollar through trading is certainly a noble thing to do. But, as the Chinese proverb states, “Those who constantly chase money go to bed tired.” Quite frankly, it’s more about getting our priorities and values straight in life – maintaining health, family and friendships, and choosing where to live. The single-minded pursuit of money in one’s life can create so much stress and anxiety that it may undermine health, relationships and other interests. It’s not necessary to rack up a US$1-million trading account to retire well. In the aftermath of September 11th, thousands of people are saying they value people more than things, family more than finances. As traders, all we can do is set the course we believe best enhances our odds, then stick to it. If, despite our best efforts, things turn out differently than we had hoped, we must maintain our equanimity. Whether living or trading, the most useful attitude is suggested by the famous Serenity Prayer attributed to theologian Reinhold Neibuhr in 1934. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

If you are serious about being a successful forex trader and learning one of the best methods to consistently capture profitable trades then ONE MORE ZERO is for you!
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Trade The Forex Market With A Hidden MACD Indicator

3 Color MACD Indicator - MT4 [Meta Trader 4]

Standard diagram MACD at which raising and going down bars are painted in different colors.

Download MACD Indicator

Password: wtrade80


Copy file: 3colormacd.mq4 to folder with files, standart:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4 Station\experts\indicators\

Run your MT4 station and insert indicator:

Insert > Indicators > Custom

and choose 3colormacd



FREE Forex Metatrader4 Lifetime Trend Signals

MT4 Trend Forex Signals Easy Profit.

The indicator giving the signals about the trend changing. Green circle - bullish trend, red - bearish.

Trade The Market With a MT4 Forex Indicator and Easy Profit Forex System

Start making money NOW!
Download Indicator here


"Copy file to folder with MT4 files, standart:
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4 Station\experts\indicators\

Run your MT4 station and insert indicator:

Insert > Indicators > Custom

and choose AltrTrendSignal

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The Foreign Exchange, also referred to as the "Forex" or "Spot FX" market, is the largest financial market in the world, with over $1.2 trillion changing hands every single day. If you compare that to the $25 billion a day volume that the New York Stock Exchange trades, you see how giant the Foreign Exchange really is. In fact it is three times larger than all of the US Equity and Treasury markets combined!

What is traded on the Foreign Exchange? The answer is money. Forex trading is where the currency of one nation is traded for that of another. Therefore, Forex trading is always traded in pairs. The most commonly traded currency pairs are traded against the US Dollar (USD). They are called ‘the majors'. The major currency pairs are the Euro Dollar (EUR/USD); the British Pound (GBP/USD); the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY); and the Swiss Franc (USD/CHF). Because there is not a central exchange for the Forex market, these pairs and their crosses are traded over the telephone and online through a global network of banks, multinational corporations, importers and exporters, brokers and currency traders.

Traditionally, currency trading has been a 'professionals only' market available exclusively to banks and large institutions, however, because of the rise of the new E-economy, online Forex trading firms are now able to offer trading accounts to 'retail' traders like you and I. Now almost anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can trade currencies just like the world's largest banks do. There are now over 10 million trading accounts worldwide up from 10 million in 2005.