Monday, June 25, 2007

KG trapping mode

KG trapping mode
KG trapping mode.r...
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Basic Rules
1. Download KG_Trapping_Mode_V2 indicator and copy it to your expert\indicators directory in your metatrader.
2. Run your metatrader, open pair that you like to trade.
3. Check the last candle on your chart (Time Frame H1 is better), noted it.
4. Click or run KG_Trapping_Mode_V2 indicator, set the Start_Time input.
5. Now, you will have Buy Stop and Sell Stop entry point type on your chart.
6. Open both order, leave it and go to work or school

There are two ways that i used to set the Start_Time. First, i use Market Open time as the input of course I have to convert the time match with my broker (metatrader) time. Example, Tokyo Open is around 07:00 am at my place and my broker metatrader time is around 03:00 am, so I set the Start_Time input with value 3.

The second way, i'm just trade when i open my metatrader, let's saya when I open my metatrader the last candle time on H1 is 13:00, so I put value 13 as Start_Time input.

Hope this simple indicator will make your trade easy. If you like it, please share it to the people that love forex. And i know this not a "Holly Grail" but you can do a backtest and calculate the P/L (Profit/Loss). So if you think it's profitable just use it if not prifitable just deleted it or throw it to the sea



# KG Mode Trapping V2 used Open price as SL
# KG Mode Trapping V2.1 Sell Order use Buy Order TP1 as SL and Buy Order use Sell Order TP1 as S

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