Monday, July 16, 2007


DOSR candlestick
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Daily Open-SR Technique
Somehow my deep desire to share with traders around the world overcame all possible public negative comments and also prompted me to come here, one of the best forex forums in the world. I believe there are many profitable systems out there, however, it still boils down to our determination and discipline to follow a mechanical system. Here is one of the strategies that I am using now, which is called The Daily Open Support and Resistance Technique, or DOSR in short. This discretionary trading method is very simple and does not rely on any indicators but only the formation of candlestick, which is also the price action.

Attached is a brief description on how this DOSR works.

Feel free to share your comments. Hopefully someone can make an EA out of this. Thank you.

Special thanks to the indicator created by mqldev.

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