Thursday, October 25, 2007

FTC-Gear-zig-zag metod

Download FTC-Gear-zig-zag metod

How To Enter 4 Hour Chart

When you see an arrow & the Zig-Zag Line, go in that direction. Place your stop according to your risk appetite. I use at 60 on a 4 HR & 20 on a 1 HR depending on which pair you use (I use the EUR/JPY or GBP/JPY 1hr or 4 hr) & your risk appetite, you can set your goals. Your trade will go until you hit your goal or the next bounce with an Arrow.

If you dont see a new arrow yet, this trade MIGHT not be done. You have 2 options.

1)You can get out & wait for the next arrow.
2)You can adjust your stop to capture some pips & ride it out.

The reason I say that is because I have noticed that more than a few times the trend will bounce & retrace for a while, then continue. I have used the bounce as stop & a chance to add to my positions.

A few points are if the overall trend is long & you see a short signal, chances are its a small retrace so it is more risky. However its a good chance for a quick profit.

How To Enter 1 Hour Chart

If you choose to use a 1 hr chart I recommend that you get out at each bounce or your specified targets.

This is a serious trading system. I have been scoffed at about this but I have been using it.

If you have the time I think you should demo it.

Before I forget, yes the arrows move. If a new high/low is established, the arrow will move to the next PROBABLE reverse point. So backtesting is useless. Only forward testing applies & thats why I know it works.

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