Saturday, November 24, 2007

Master Martingale-EA

Strategy (previously called TradeMode): 1 = counter trade, 2 = alternating trades, 3 = indicator driven

TradeMode (new): 1 = Single mode (one open trade at a time), 2 = Multi mode (losing trades stay open until a winning trade reaches profit point)

also added the Scaler parameter. Until now, each losing trade was followed by another 2x its size. If Scaler is set to 3, each trade in the progression will be 3x the previous one. If set to 1.7, each trade will be 1.7x the previous one, and so on. This feature has not been tested yet.

Another change is that there are three separate magic number parameters, one for each strategy (MN_Counter, MN_Altern and MN_Indic). This allows the EA to be run in three separate charts all of the same symbol, without interfering with each other's trades.

DivShare File - Master Martingale.rar

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