Friday, December 14, 2007


maximum risk

max lots allowed is the limit your broker sets per trade
ibfx mini can only trade to 50 lots in a single order
this has caused tester errors
you can manually set this lower if you want

the ea reads the info from the broker and sets max lots automatically
so if you dont know the limit, this is for you

maximum risk
this is percent of free margin
if you dont want to use money management, set this to zero
you can now change the lot size

by default the ea is for ibfx mini account
there symbols have a m added (GBPJPYm)
and mm is calculated diferent

set this to true removes the m
and calculates mm for a regular account
this also makes it so if mm calculates under 0.1
lots is used

on a mini its 0.01
this was also a cause for tester errors
which is now fixed


when price touches the upper psar, we go long
if psar is under the current price, the direction filter is long
vice versa for shorts

if price touches or goes below the lower envelope, go long
if price goes above or touches the upper envelope, close buy

price above upper, go short
price below lower, close short

by default the envelope entry options are set to 0.01 deviation
this makes it the same as enter at ma
thats why iv removed the ma option

you can set 4 seperate deviations for envelopes
you can only set one period for buy
one for sell


the ea sets a diferent magic number per pair
the number used is displayed in the comments

if for some reason you need to change the mn on a chart
set this to false and
MagicNumber will be used


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