Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dollar [USD] Price Averaging Vs Value Averagin

Both dollar cost averaging (DCA) and value averaging are two popular investing strategies to profit from long-term performance of forex or similar financial instruments. Both are good ways of systematically building an investment portfolio by adding capital to existing portfolio monthly (or try-monthly or annually).
Dollar(USD) cost averaging, also known as Pound Cost Averaging and Constant Dollar Plan, is a simple systematic investment method, in which the investor continuously buys stocks, or mutual fund units or other instruments, of a fixed amount. Thus the portfolio investment is increased with a certain amount every month and the trader profits, buy selling off the instruments he holding at a desired time.
The basic idea of Dollar cost averaging is to profit from long-term performances of forex and markets (around 11% per year for US markets) irrespective of short-term market ups and downs. DCA investors easily overcome market up and downs.

Notwithstanding markets are down, investors can buy more number of forex/units for a decided suggest and when markets are upgrade they can good buy infra dig whole number of forex/unit for the same amount.Value averaging is a more evolved forex investing strategy with an added value factor. Forex Investors following caliber middle-class buy stocks each common year in order to reach a targeted noncallable securities value. For example if the target portfolio growth rate is $500 per month and the investor buys stocks of value $500 for the first month. In the second month if the original value has increased from $500 to $600, he invests less ($400) for current month to achieve the portfolio value target of $1000 for the second month.

Likely if the portfolio value has dropped from $1000 to $900 in third month, he invests more ($600) to achieve the portfolio value of $1,500 for third month. Advantages of Dollar cost averaging are (1) it is independent of market timings other than the selling time, (2) steady growth of portfolio, (3) minimum need of trading/investing experience and education, and (4) best for persons with steady monthly income. Howbeit this contrivance does not ensure good profits. Advantages of value averaging are (1) generally better profits than DCA, (2) active management of portfolio investments, and (3) best for persons with investing experiences, (4) good when investors want to take short-term profits. But the strategy may become in opposition as far as follow in long-term..
For example the above mentioned portfolio value target after 2 years will be $12,000. But because of a bullish trend it can decrease to $8,000; then one must need to invest $4500 ($12,000 – $8000 + $500 of monthly target) for the next month. Over there may abide months in which i refuse investments are needed.

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