Saturday, January 19, 2008

ERGODIC system complited with e-books

Thumbs up Great System Documented

I am going to show you a great methodology relatively easy to implement that we can collectively put together. The method is based on the Ergotic Candle Oscillator (ECO) as fully shown in the attached PDF #11. It was devised by Robert Krausz who based his trading ideas on WD Gann. It uses as an initial Stop Loss the HiLo activator shown in PDF #2. I have also attached the MT4 Ergotic Indicator that I have found in the Yahoo MT4 forum. This ECO needs a signal line added to it and it needs to be plotted as a Histogram as depicted in PDF#11. I have also attached detailed infor on the ECO in PDF#7.
I have hand backtested this in the Fibonacci Trader 4.0 and I get on EUR and GBP H1 a winrate of 65% and a PF of 2.60 reward to risk, which I consider a very good performace.


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