Saturday, January 19, 2008


TRO MULTI PAIRS takes the work of codersguru and mladen to the next level.

The user can chose the pairs and time frames like mladen's TickWatcher AND they can specify which indicators to use like codersguru's Easy iCustom PLUS the user can specify colors and levels like most of the TRO indicators.

You can use any indicator that resides on your disk but you have to spell the name correctly and pass all of the parameters.

If you use the default settings, TRO SAK MULTIPAIRS is a pip scalping machine.

When the dots on M1 and M5 rows turn green, green, aqua; go long.

When the dots on M1 and M5 rows turn red, red, magenta; go short.

The $CDL column is the candle color.

The $MID column tell you if the price is above(green) or below(red) the previous candle's midpoint.

The $BIAS column tells you if you should be long(aqua) or short(magenta). Once you enter the trade, you can stay in the trade until the bias changes.

The Up, Eq, Dn count on the bottom simple totals up the number of dots that indicate up, equal or down. You can you this to determine the trend.

TRO SAK MULTIPAIRS is a true Swiss Army Knife type of indicator. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Use your imagination!


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