Friday, February 8, 2008

OZFX complited with ebook


* Open up a daily chart on EUR/JPY.
* Apply Bill Willam’s Accelerator Oscillator (AC).
* Apply Stochastic with setting 5,3,3 on top of AC. Use the template if don’t know how to.
* Try and use demo MT4 from ODL securities. Every broker has different time when they start a new daily candle.
* ODL seems to have the time that works best. I only use their demo account for charts and place my trades on totally different broker.

Short Entry: RED AC below 0 and Stot below 0
Long Entry: Green AC above 0 and Stot above 0
Exit: OppsiteBuy/Sell signal or as per Money Management.
Filter: Apply 200SMA. If price is below 200SMA then only take short trades. If Price is above 200SMA then only take long trades.

Money Management:

* Trade with 5 Lots with Stop Loss 100 pips away
* Take Profit on 1st Lot at 50 pips. Move Stop Loss to Break Even (BE).
* Take Profit on 2nd Lot at 100 pips.
* Take Profit on 3rd Lot at 150 pips.
* Take Profit on 4th Lot at 200 pips.
* Let the 5th Lot run until you see an opposite entry signal.

The Risk/Reward ratio turns out to be 1:1 or better depending on your 5th Lot. Since we trade on daily and would only take
trades with high probability of success, 1:1 would work just fine.

If you choose to do back-testing then take special care for signals from late November to end of Dec. Low volume during this time
of the year creates wild swings.

My Challenge To You:
Spend 2 mins every day to analyze 8-10 of your favorite pairs. Demo it for 2-3 weeks and post the screen shots of your trades for everyone
to see and learn.

What’s In For Me?
It is time for me to Give Back. I learned a great deal from forums and thought there can’t be another way to share something that can make
us all a lot of money. Plus I hope to learn from others on how to improve this system.

Up Next:

* Advance Entry Signals
* Advance Stop Loss(SL) and Profit Taking(PT)
* What pairs to trade and what corresponding Stop Loss to use?
* What are other tradable Time Frames?
* Squeeze-More – An Intraday Strategy
* EA

Email Alerts:
You can also subscribe to free signals send out via email everyday around 7PM EST. Go Here

I’ll reveal more info about the system once I start to see more interest in this post from Forum members.


Download OZFX complited with ebook

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