Friday, February 1, 2008


I. Features:
This is an improved version of period converter for MT4 based on the
MT4's default period converter by metaquotes.
The default period converter script do not support real-time refreshing,
and consume lots of CPU (50%-9x%) making the whole system slow.
Also, the default one is a script which do not save when you exit MT4,
so you have to apply every converter script again after restarting, quite

II. How to use:
Copy the mq4 file to your MT4 indicators folder (experts\indicators)
to install it as an indicator, NOT script. then in the custom indicator
list, attach period_converter_opt to the chart you want.
It support 4 parameters:
PeriodMultiplier: new period multiplier factor, default is 2
UpdateInterval: update interval in milliseconds,
zero means update real-time. default is zero.
Enabled: You can disable it without remove it with this option.

Other parameters are comments or for debugging, it is safe to ignore them.

Also Make sure you have Allow Dll imports option checked in common tab or
it won't work

After that, File->Open Offline to open the generated offline data. then
the offline data will be updated automatically.

As long as you keep the source chart open and the converter indicator
running, the generated chart including indicators inside will always
be updated. also you can close the generated chart and open again
later from File->Open Offline without problem.

If you want to quit MT4, you can leave those offline chart as other
normal online charts. when you start MT4 next time, those charts will
also be loaded and updated.

--------------SEE INSIDE FOR FURTHER DETAILS-------------


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