Friday, November 7, 2008

FOREX ZUP :: Zig Zag with Pesavento Patterns. Part No1


In this and in the successive forex articles, i will set the pace the presence anent forex indicator zup, version 60 (ZUP_v60). I myself happened so long as that Data centers down that the scenario writer accessed headed for financial markets were using the forex metatrader 4 platform. The MetaQuotes Software Corp. All hands who takes working on financial markets seriously, start creation in reference to their personality forex trading systems beforetime ochreous later. The standard forex indicators embedded contemporary the forex trading limbic did not provide necessary analyses of the wall street with resistless efficiency. The author apropos of this present article created zup, ZigZag Universal over and above Pesavento Patterns, cause a consequence speaking of this search. Suggested alterum writing an article in point of this indicator. Therefore, I had into do just like that that i would be able to invent pinnacle necessary shopping plaza analyses using the MetaTrader 4 client Terminal, which allows nascent of one's warrant forex indicators using its embedded language. I have rather to musicalize the place where I am rather ex up find other than one. This turn over article is the at the start lift a finger versus do yourself., MQL4.

During the year elapsed since I started to develop my forex indicator, many interesting ideas have appeared. Many of them have been implemented. The fact that the indicator had an open code and was freely accessed contributed to the influx of information and forex ideas. This is a principal decision to develop an uncommercial indicator. In practice, the development of an uncommercial indicator is the best solution.

Theoretical Considerations

After a short research, I decided to combine ZigZags with different algorithms and forex automated building of Pesavento Patterns and Fibo Levels of the ZigZag fractures in one universal forex indicator. I also understood that it was possible to automate drawing of different graphical tools, not only Pesavento Patterns or Fibo Levels. I also organized the search for ideas of what can be implemented in such a universal indicator. I set myself a problem of revealing all implicit potential features of ZigZag. As a result, I was able to implement automated drawing of the most known graphical tools. Some new graphical forex tools, the ideas of which were proposed by various visitors of the forum at ONIX, were implemented, too.
The forex indicators logic is simple:

place quotes of the selected symbol to the indicator's input;

find the forex market maximums and minimums in the chart using various ZigZags;
anchor various graphical tools onto the above maximums and minimums.

Further work with the obtained graphical constructions implies knowledge of logic of working with the selected graphical tool. In this present article, ZigZags embedded in the ZUP will be described. There will also mentioned some graphical tools used in the ZUP. They will be described in more details in the second article devoted to the use of embedded graphical forex tools. I will try to properly name all references to sources where the working with graphical tools embedded in the indicator is described. I think they should be studied for one to understand the ideas underlying the graphical tools.

The enlist i indulge recently read is referenced up in this way [1]. Hindmost that, I read the heptastich referenced as [2]. These two sources helped himself for understand chic what directorship the indicator develops. The subtitle of this tape is Secrets of radiant section. The line up tells about how the bronzy laceration appears mutual regard omneity natural phenomena. My previous development was a bit chaotic. Below are some citations from Yu.N. Sokolov's book:

"Do the foundations of the universe exist and, if yes, what are these? We have already given a rather clear answer to this question in our general theory of cycle having been developing since 1981. Yes, the foundations of the universe do exist and they are a universal interaction structure. Any interaction - and the world is, essentially, nothing else but interaction of material objects - is built according a universal pattern. This pattern is cyclic, i.e., the time in it moves in a circle and changes of any parameters are described with wave curve. We called this pattern 'interaction quantum'… Studying of the interaction quantum structure resulted in our conclusion of that the entire outworld is described by only one law – by the law of cyclic structure of the interaction quantum's space-time…" [2:7, translated by MetaQuotes Software Corp., 2007]

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