Friday, November 7, 2008

True Forex Scalper - Forex Expert Advisor - Download


Forex True Scalper 49c is attached, as well as the weeks forward test.

The forex Expert Advisor ONLY WORKS ON GBPUSD 5Minute forex chart right now.

If you read the code, you'll find that the calculations are on 15M, and that is correct.

So it's taking direction from 15M and forex trading 5M chart.
It covers a LOT of the requests that have been made.

The 'abandon' code is gone. I could never get it to increase the win/loss percentage.
It does a sort of forex hedge, that is, it buys in the proper direction, up to the nine-orders-at-a-time limit for GBPUSD. So if your forex broker doesn't support hedging, don't run this Expert Advisor
we'll see if the upcoming week will hold up the 1600 forex pip gain from last week.

You can Download TrueScalper HERE

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