Sunday, December 21, 2008

3 Simple moving average Fractal system

This is a basic system that require a break of a fractal for trend direction entries and exits are based when moving average touches 3 SMA Low for buys and 3 SMA High for shorts.



Up Fractal taken out (Broken)

Buy when Price touches 3 SMA Low

Exit when price touches 3 SMA High


Down Fractal Taken out (Broken)

Sell when Price touches 3 SMA High (Sell Limit at 3 SMA High)

Exit When Price Touches 3 SMA Low (Buy Limit at 3 SMA Low)


Only take buys Trades when prices are above 200 JMA, Reverse for Shorts (Selectable)


1, Ability to select any time frame for system

2, Cross Time Frame Trading (Example select H1 Fractals, Take buys and sells on H30)

3, SMA need to be selectable

4, JMA needs to be selectable

5 Ability to select trade starting times and stop trading time (Start Trading 9:00 GMT Stop Trading 22:00 GMT)

6, Money management ability to select percentage of account to risk (Example only
Risk 3% of account)

7, Ability to trade many pairs at one time, to produce small portfolio.

User inputs

Fractal Time Frame H1
Period SMA 3
Period JMA 200
Percentage_Risk 3%
Stop Loss .1%
Profits take 100 Pips (Ability to turn on or off)

Also Included Day of week Filter.

Dayofweek_Mon True
Dayofweek_Tue True
Dayofweek_Wed True
Dayofweek_Thur True
Dayofweek_Fri True
Dayofweek_Sun False

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