Sunday, December 21, 2008

Forex EA - Automated forex trading "Rhythm" Instructions

Many thanks to Tkimble on the ForexFactory for the simple forex strategy that this
forex EA is designed to manage.

Name: Rhythm Pair: Any forex Pair You like.

This is a simple Stop @ Reverse forex system. It should be able to be used with
Daily and weekly forex trading

Once trade is initiated the stop loss and reversals are equal. Example: the stop is placed at 40 PIPs and the reversal is likewise placed at 40 PIPs. When the stop is activated, the reversal is simultaneously activated. There is no limit on how
many reversals there can be in a day unless Max forex Trades variable is used

EA- Variables:

Overrule Direction: = True/False forex EA makes next day trade decision on the basis of the previous Days trend (i.e.; previous day up, Place "Buy" market order, previous day down, enter "Sell" market order) Example: Yesterdays open/close positive = LongEntry) (Yesterdays open/close negative = ShortEntry) 00:00 >< 0="False" 0="False," direction ="True" long =" True" hour =" 00:00" hour=" 23:00" trades =" 0" once =" false" stop =" false" Automated Forex EA's

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