Sunday, October 12, 2008

For all which want reliable backtest

- Download 1 minute data for EUR/USD from 2004.06.16 to 2005.10.11 (at "Formats - MT, XPO, MetaStock" the monthly datas):

- In Metatrader click on Tools/History Center and then on Forex/EURUSD/1 Minute (M1). Import all downloaded *.hst files

- Click on Tools/Options and then on Charts. Put in "Max bars in history" a very high number (99999999999999)

- Open a 1 Minute (M1) chart and doubleclick the "Period_converter" script from the left Navigator
Put at Inputs/ExtPeriodMultiplier the number 5 and hit OK. Now the 5 Minute history is created from the 1 minute history datas. It should be immediately completed. No notification about the completion. After some seconds, doubleclick "Period_converter" again and put at Inputs/ExtPeriodMultiplier the number 15 and hit OK. Now the 15 minute history is created from the 1 minute history data. Do this as often as needed for all the time periods you want run backtests. Have a look into the 'History Center' to make sure the convertions were successful. For example, click on '5 minute' and scroll down, the last date should be the 2004.06.16 where you have history data for the 5 minute period.

- Now in the Strategy-Tester choose the "Use date" option and put in the testperiod from 2004.06.16 to 2005.10.11, click on 'recalculation' and run the tests. After the test is completed you should see in the 'Report'-Tab a modelling quality about 90% which means very accurate results. You have then a backtest for 1.3 years.

Use MT4 build 182, it seems more reliable. The version with build 183 have failures in the backtesting. Compare backtests between MT4 build 182 and MT4 build 183 and you will see it!
MT4 build 182 can you get here:

DOCUMENATION for WRR_ZUP_INFO_v02 .mq4 forex Indicator to Complement ZUP :: successful forex trader

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