Sunday, October 19, 2008

Forex Signals - Pac_Man - Forex Trading System EA

Test Report

Update: added volumeMA in place of JMA option due to zero divide error. And blocked RSX random entry forex signal.

Here's a new martingale hybrid spun off of goblin bipolar.
The bulk of the bipolar program is here and untouched.

I changed the entry signal to CCI and Custom jma Volume forex indicator, to filter false forex signals.

Added SuperPacMan lot size progression
The trick to this version is in the equity target, lot sizing, JMA volume, CCI, and Turbo_JVEL
Equity target along with risk% setting will be the main exit forex strategy. When using money management=true Using risk setting and equity setting you can make it exit before the target.
When you increase the risk, the equity target will be hit sooner. Smaller targets are more easily hit. I go for 6-10 pips with the equity target.

If you set the regular target that low you also have to set forex pips low too. Then you get max forex trades opened when ever the forex market sneezes.
The regular targets are there to get hit when there are forex trades in both directions offsetting positive equity.

This alone only works for the first 2 trades. The more forex trades open the closer to the hard target it has to get to reach the equity target

Making the 4th and 5th trade reach all the way to the hard target to close all the forex trades.

Adding the SuperPacMan lot sizing handles this problem in a couple different ways. Play with it to see witch one you like.

The supercell can be used to increase the last trade 250%. This way the equity target can be reached and exit the potential disaster sooner rather than later (or not at all)
Turns out JVEL is a great filter. I increased its settings for better filtration.

CCI is a great trigger as well as a filter for keeping it in the direction of forex market momentom.
JMA Volume filter will make sure it forex trades only when there is sufficient forex market volume.

RSX is set high because when UseconsertiveRSX_Signal=false, the forex signal is simply based on RSX turning up or down, using slope for filter rather than trigger.
Set RSX to 12-17 if using UseconsertiveRSX_Signal=true, using conventional RSI 30/70 rules.

Default settings are good settings. But not the only ones that will work.

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