Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to add alarm to any forex trading indicator
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I see a lot of people here asking to add forex alarm when an forex trading indicator is light up. Especially when a arrow/bullet is turn on.
Actually, it is very simple task. All you have to do is follow the following instructions.
1) Every forex trading indicator has an forex indicator array that keep the values of the forex trading indicator. Values can be 0 or not 0. To find out the forex trading indicator name look for the command: SetIndexBufferIn the forex trading indicator editor it should look like thisSetIndexBuffer
2); This lines tell us that we have 2 indicator buffers
2) Look when the forex trading indicator buffer change its value. In the example above we will look to line that contains the following patter:ExtMapBuffer[number] = where number can be a figure or a name. For example: if(res!=0.0) ExtMapBuffer[shift]=res;if after the equal sign there is 0 do nothing.3) Change it to make an forex alarm.After finding the value setting line we will add an alarm to it.a) add { before the setting. In the example above :if(res!=0.0) {ExtMapBuffer[shift]=res;b) add the Alert command after the ;. In the example above:if(res!=0.0) { ExtMapBuffer[shift]=res;Alert("Indicator set");}Do not forget to close the } 4) repeat for every buffer value settingCompile and you have an forex indicator with alert Hope it will help you

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