Saturday, October 18, 2008

Forex Trading Method Number ONE

recommended forex currency pairs are: GBP/USD , EUR/USD , USD/CAD
we work forex market by 0.1lot at every 650-1000%

at 9.30 by Metatrade (opening of Europe forex session in winter at 10.30 according to Moscow) we are doing forex buy or sell by 0.1lot in the direction of forex trend

forex trend is defined on the forex daily graphics: buy if the price of closing of the previous day is higher than sliding average with period 7 and shift 1

forex sell if the

price of closing of the previous day is lower than sliding average with peiod 7 and shift1.

we put 'trailing stop' 15 points. Forex stop-loss is 25-30 points. closing is by loss, trailing stop or at the end of the day

if you can not be constantly in internet, just put fixed stop-loss=30 points and take-profit-65 points. in this case the income is lower and equal 15-20% in month forex trading

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