Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to use Presets for your forex expert.

1 Open the inputs in the properties of the forex expert.

2 You set up expert the way you want it to trade.

3 Next you left click on save.

4 Next you give the file a name ( Barry macd 30may08)

5 Remember where you save it, the default is -- forex metatrader 4\experts\presets

6 Next time you put the forex expert advisor on the forex chart you left click Load in the properties of the expert and choose the name you save it under and high light it ( Barry macd 30may08) and click on open.

7 Now you have the setting in the input box.

8 If you want to sent the setting buy email click on attach, the popup box comes up with all of your computer files showing, go to (default is - metatrader 4\experts\presets) and find ( Barry macd 30may08) and high light it buy left clicking on the file.

9 Now left click on (Attach)

10 You now have the presets attached on the email.

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