Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free Forex Signals - Final offer - Is it possible to make 50 - 280 pips in minutes forex trading news releases

Dear Forex Trader,
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Discover how to enter and exit a forex trade at the very
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My name is Dustin Pass... and I have a very simple
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I can show you how and have the track record to
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Over the first eight months of 2006,
my calls on Forex trades made live while critical
news releases hit the wires scored an average forex pips
movement of 205. Many months coming in at over 310

To put that in perspective, if you started with an
account balance of $5,000 and trade conservatively
over a period of 90 days, with an average movement
of 205 forex pips, your forex account balance would grow to
You will discover exactly how it is done in the
Forex Live-on-the-News forex Trading Room...

Says Jacob Y., of Tulsa, OK, "You have
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the 10th with no losses. Today I just bagged 87
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Says Jonathan Smith of Palm Bay, FL, "By forex trading
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behalf of clients as a fund manager have
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Dustin Pass
Professional Forex Trader and Funds Manager

* Please remember forex trading currencies is very risky
and you may lose all or some of your forex investments.

* Past Results Performance Disclosure: Past
results are not necessarily indicative of future

* General Risk Disclaimer: All forex Trading involves
risk. Leveraged forex trading has large potential
rewards, but also large potential risk. Be aware
and accept this risk before trading. Never trade
with money you cannot afford to lose.
All forex forecasting is based on forex statistics derived from
past performance of any forex trading methodology is no
guarantee of future results. No "Safe" forex trading
system has ever been divided and no one can
guarantee forex profits or freedom from loss. No
representation is being made that any account will
achieve forex profits or losses similar to those
discussed. There is no guarantee that, even with
the best advice available, you will become a
successful forex trader because not everyone has what it
takes to be a successful trader. The forex trading
strategies discussed may be unsuitable for you
depending upon your specific forex investment objectives
and financial position. You must make your own
investment decisions in of your own forex investment
objectives, risk profile, and circumstances. Use
independent forex advisors as you believe necessary.
Therefore, the information provided herein is not
intended to be specific advice as to weather you
should engage in a particular forex trading strategy or
forex buy and sell, or hold any financial product. Margin
Requirements, tax considerations, commissions, and
other transaction costs may significantly affect
the economic consequences of the forex trading
strategies or transactions discussed and you
should review such requirements with you own
legal, tax and financial forex advisors. Before engaging
in such forex trading activities you should understand
the nature and extent of your rights and
obligations and be aware of the risk involved.
Your actions and the forex results of your actions in
regards to any information you receive from
Forex Master Maker or any of its staff are entirely
your own responsibility. Forex MasterMaker or any
of its staff can not and will not assume liability
for any losses that may be incurred by the use of
any information received from Forex MasterMaker or
its staff. Any such liability is hereby expressly

* Hypothetical Disclaimer: All results are
considered to be hypothetical unless otherwise
specified: Hypothetical performance results have
many inherent limitations. Unlike an actual
performance record, simulated results do not
represent actual forex trading. Also, since the trades
have not actually been executed, the results may
have under or over compensated for the impact, if
any, of certain market factors, such as lack of

No representation is being made that
any account will or is likely to achieve profits
or losses similar to those shown. In fact there
are frequently sharp differences between
hypothetical performance results and the actual
results subsequently achieved by any particular
forex trading program. Furthermore, only risk capital
should be used for leveraged trading due to the
high loss involved. One of the limitations
hypothetical performance results is that they are
generally [prepared with he benefit of hindsight.
In addition, hypothetical forex trading does not involve
financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record
can completely account for the impact of forex financial
risk in actual forex trading. For example the ability to
withstand losses (and incur account draw downs) or
to adhere to a particular forex trading program in spit
of trading loses are important issues which can
also adversely affect actual forex trading results.
There are numerous other factors related to the
forex market in general or to the implementation of any
specific forex trading program, forex method or forex system, which
cannot be completely taken into consideration with
hypothetical performance results and will affect
forex trading results and your P/L.

* Testimonials: Unique experiences and past
performances do not guarantee future results.
Testimonials herein are unsolicited and are non-
representative of all clients; certain forex accounts
may have worse performance than that indicated.
Forex Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk
and there is always the potential for loss. Your
trading results may vary. Because the risk factor
is high in the foreign exchange forex market trading,
only genuine “risk” funds should be used in such
forex trading. If you do not have the extra capital that
you can afford to lose, you should not forex trade in
the foreign exchange market. No “safe” forex trading
has ever been devised, and no one can
guarantee forex profits or freedom from loss.

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